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Labor of love Forrest takes different approach to sample selection

Jason Forrest is an anomaly.

All members of the "cut and paste" computer-recording age are supposed to be ironic in their choice of samples. These are collage artists, after all, and their chosen mode of expression is incredibly self-conscious collage pop-art. If you spot a sample on a record, you're supposed to giggle and note the audacity of this modern master manipulator, who can so easily offer you an irony-heavy tour through pop-culture references with a few clicks of the mouse.

Forrest, however, chooses samples because he truly loves the songs and the pieces of music he is pulling them from. Which may explain why "New Wave Folk Austerity," the second track on Forrest's remarkable new disc, "Shamelessly Exciting," boasts samples from both Steely Dan's "Deacon Blues" and Yes' "Mood for a Day" before it even makes it to the two-minute mark. Brilliant!

Forrest, one of the few artists capable of creating collage pop-art that is more pop than collage, made his stance plain in a recent interview with CMJ New Music Monthly.

"I'm really super non-ironic when it comes to the music I'm making," he told the magazine. "It's all pretty much music made from love. I don't really have any guilt when I listen to music. If I go home and put on a Gerry Rafferty record, it's because I think Gerry Rafferty is really good."

Agreed! Both as a member of Stealer's Wheel and on solo masterpieces like "Baker Street."

Er, sorry . . . got a little carried away there. Jason Forrest makes a rare area appearance on Wednesday, inside Soundlab, in the basement of the Dun Building, corner of Pearl and Swan streets. The show, a benefit to mark the relaunch of Soundlab, kicks off at 9 p.m. In addition to Forrest, expect sets from Duran Duran Duran, Wisp and DJ sets from the MJB Corporation. Admission is $6. For more information, check

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