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What are your memories of Passover and Easter?

Have you ever found the afikomen at a seder meal? Or, are you the one who hides it?

Have you searched high and low for an Easter basket?

For some reason, this is the time of year when things are hidden and children are sent on a quest to find them.

On Passover, for example, Jewish children look for the afikomen, a matzo that's been broken, wrapped in a napkin and then hidden. After it's found, it's served as the last morsel at the end of the lengthy observance. The afikomen symbolizes the Passover lamb.

On Easter, Christian children awaken to search for egg- and chocolate-filled baskets, which of course have been hidden by the Easter bunny, a symbol of new life.

How have these rituals played out at your house? Does Grandpa do a good job of hiding the afikomen? Has the dog eaten the chocolate before the kids find it? Do you remember a significant seder dinner or a special Easter basket search?

Let us know your memories for a story that will run in conjunction with the Passover and Easter holy days.

Please include your name and phone number and send responses, before April 3, to or Paula Voell, PO Box 100, The Buffalo News, Buffalo, N.Y. 14240.

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