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For goodness' sake

They keep multiplying, the random acts of senseless wallpapering that accompanied the recent Home Show. Oh, wait. Did we say wallpapering? We meant kindness. Last week, we told the tale of how a friend's bracelet was returned with the comment: "This is Buffalo. They do that here." Now we hear from another friend who, at the corner of Court and Franklin on her way to the Convention Center, dropped -- horrors! -- her Starbucks card. With $2.50 still on it! Luckily, a woman in a passing car was on the alert. She yelled to a woman on the sidewalk -- who, in turn, yelled to our friend from half a block away. And all we can say is, the three most beautiful words aren't "I love you." They're "You dropped something." Our friend, who dashed back for her card, agrees. "Two-fifty is almost the price of a grande skinny latte," she says. "So I thought it was pretty great."


Come on down

Friday, Buzz's husband, Howard, had a sinus operation. Such drama! It was as if Howard were having a baby. We had to drive to Millard Fillmore Suburban in pre-dawn darkness. Beautiful Buffalo buildings -- the elephant house, Kensington High School -- seemed alien in the gloom. The moon disappeared. The sun rose. We never see the sun rise. Our disorientation was complete when, in the surgery waiting room, a volunteer asked: "Does anyone mind if we turn on 'The Price is Right'?" Buzz blinked. Last time we saw that show, we were 8! It's still on! And it still has the same host, Bob Barker. And he doesn't even look that old. And they still say, "A new car!!" Howard, emerging from his anesthesia a few hours later, said the time had passed so fast it was like changing the TV channel. We said we knew just what he meant.


Roll out the building

People must fear Buffalonians will hurt ourselves on sharp corners. Because suddenly, we're seeing all these big, round edifices. A woman who works in the new medical corridor points out the similarities between the proposed Burchfield-Penney Art Center, left, and the Hauptman Woodward Facility, right. Now, we have to deal with the new courthouse slated to sit downtown across from the Statler. Another big, round, shiny thing! As one friend cracks, "It looks like the container that the Statler came in."


The buzz

Buffalo is expanding by the minute. Must be all those wings. Now, we're big enough for two Bauerles. Not only is Tom on WBEN-AM, but his brother Dick is returning to the airwaves. Listen for Dick Bauerle on the Lake, 107.7. ... Here's a woman after our own heart: Saturday at 6 p.m., Divine Finds, 200 Lexington Ave., welcomes former model Alison Houtte, author of "Alligators, Old Mink and New Money: One Woman's Adventures in Vintage Clothing." The event is free, but bring your wallet: Some of the proceeds from clothes and book sales benefit the American Heart Association.



"Just hammer them into the ground, so they survive."

-- Channel 4's Don Paul, telling us how to save our flowers from the chill

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