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Catching up with Cute Is What We Aim For

Since forming in January 2005, hometown band Cute Is What We Aim For quickly gained recognition throughout the local music scene and continues to grow in popularity. Last summer the band went on the Your Town Is Our Town Tour with David Melillo and Rookie of the Year, playing shows throughout the East Coast. Cute also signed to a record deal with Fueled by Ramen Records, one of the most successful indie labels today.

Fueled by Ramen had a magnificent year with one of its biggest bands, Fall Out Boy, going platinum with "From Under the Cork Tree." Fueled by Ramen has also released successful albums from bands such as The Academy Is -- and Panic! at the Disco.

Cute has just finished recording its debut album with producer Matt Squire who also produced the most recent album "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" from Panic! at the Disco. Recording "was such a great experience," says Jeffrey Czum, guitarist of Cute. "We all learned a lot and it's great to be doing what we love." Fred Cimato, the bassist, says, "We've even gained a lot of fans from just being on the Fueled by Ramen Web site and such."

Czum says, "Fueled by Ramen has been our dream from the beginning." Cimato adds, "We never thought it was possible."

Fans of the band agree that Fueled by Ramen is the right label for Cute. Katie Brickhouse of Mount St. Mary's Academy says: "Fueled by Ramen tries to choose a lot of different bands, I think. I like that the bands don't all sound the same, like the AKAs sound nothing like Paramore. Cute has a unique sound that will really stand out from the rest of the label."

Brynn Jones of Kenmore West likes Cute's "in-depth and poetic" lyrics. Laura Bishop of Mount St. Mary's says Cute is "really different. Their lyrics really stand out against a lot of other bands. And the melodies and the lyrics just blend together so well and make a really great combination."

Adam Samiljan of Fueled by Ramen reports that "Cute Is What We Aim For are some of the hardest-working guys we've ever met. They have a ton of great ideas and work hard to make them happen. They've managed to get a lot of attention on their own, so when we start to work with them more, things should be really exciting."

It looks like a busy year for Fueled by Ramen, which is recording new albums for such bands as the Hush Sound, The Academy Is --, Gym Class Heroes, Punchline and Forgive Durden.

Despite the band's success, Czum says: "Life really hasn't changed that much, the shows are a little bigger." And Cute still likes playing in Buffalo. "We have a lot of fun on tour, but nothing beats a hometown show," says Cimato. Czum agrees, "I always look forward to hometown shows ... The exchange of energy is just amazing -- I don't think there is a better feeling."

Cute will start touring April 10 with label mate Punchline. The band plays this Saturday at the Vita Eterna CD Release party at the Icon with Vita Eterna and Tonight the Riot. Cute Is What We Aim For's first CD will be released July 11.

Rachel Gruber is a junior at Mount St. Mary Academy

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