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The Buzz

Off the cuff

The Buffalo Home Show, held last weekend at the Convention Center, was more than about home. It was about hearth. Sunday at the show, a friend lost her new beaded bracelet -- the one she treasured, the one she had designed herself at Elmwood's Neighborhood Collective with the help of the cool jewelry maker there. Distraught, she asked the front information desk if it had turned up. Alas, it had not. The front desk called the upstairs info desk. No luck there, either. But the call to the third info desk was a hit! Someone had just turned in the bracelet. And there was much rejoicing. "I can't believe someone returned this," our friend, teary-eyed, told the woman who handed her the bracelet. The Home Show official must have assumed she was from out of town, because she smiled and said: "This is Buffalo. They do that here."


You can call him Al

One is beefy. The other one wants to beef up on crime. Both of them turn up where there's trouble. And, to top it off, they could be twins! We're talking about H. McCarthy Gipson, Buffalo's new police commissioner, and the Rev. Al Sharpton. All kinds of folks have contacted Buzz to point out their amazing similarities, and all we can say is, "Our eyes are opened!" Just like Sharpton might say in the middle of a fiery speech. Hey, maybe Gipson can apply similar rhetoric to parking tickets.


Talk is cheap

Relax, we're all friends here. We can speak frankly about thrift shops and our addiction to them. A couple we know have a son in college at Syracuse, and generally when they visit him, all three, being Buffalonians, enjoy a stop at the Salvation Army thrift shop there. Well. On their most recent visit, their son asked if we wanted to browse at "Salvatore Armani's." "What's that?" they asked, wondering if he had abandoned the thrift store life. "It's the new name for Salvation Army!" he answered with a sly smile. Confides his mom: "Off we went to Salvatore Armani's, where I scored a great blouse."


Tied up in Knotts

The recent passing of the incomparable Don Knotts -- what a loss! Once, Buzz devoured a book called "How to Meet and Hang Out With the Stars." The two authors (one was a computer programmer, the other sold washers and dryers) wrote about which celebs were nice to nobodies and which were not. The nicest of all was "the incomparable Don Knotts." The book raved: "Generations from now, Don Knotts will surely emerge as the biggest star ever to work in show business." As we await that day, we console ourself with a signed photo of Knotts at Lawrence's Tavern, in Springville. "People comment on it," says owner Mike Zielinski. "They're surprised to see a picture of Barney Fife in uniform." He adds: "My brother got the picture in Nashville. Knotts did a show at the Reiman Theater." We don't have to ask if Knotts was nice to Zielinski's brother. We know he was.


The buzz

Gerhardt Yaskow, the new owner of Gene McCarthy's in the First Ward, objects to rumors flying around that he's Russian and Italian. He's not. He's Polish, German and Ukrainian. Plus, he has a business partner who's Scotch-Irish. Friday at 9 a.m., McCarthy's begins a St. Patrick's Day blowout with bands and tons o'corned beef.



"I'm a short brunette, bitten-to-the-quick nails, flyaway hair, adult acne, and no Ivy League or literary credentials. And I made it happen. So can anyone."

-- Celebrity magazine editor Bonnie Fuller, in the New York Post

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