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Talking to Armor's guitarist

NeXt caught up with Armor for Sleep guitarist P.J. Decicco between acts Saturday at the Showplace. Wearing some fantastic suede boots and watching "Braveheart" on the tour bus, he had a few things to tell us about weird fans, Niagara Falls, and life on tour.

>NeXt: First, we're wondering what's your favorite city or place to play?

PJ: I have a few favorite places to play. One is the Metro in Chicago, and a place called Emos in Austin, Texas, is awesome. A few places in California are really good, like the Glass House.

>NeXt: And you've toured all over the country, with bands like Fall Out Boy and Taking Back Sunday. What are your favorite bands that you've toured with?

PJ: The people in Fall Out Boy and the guys in Taking Back Sunday are really awesome. Actually we played with Taking Back Sunday here when Adam broke his hip. We also did a tour with Say Anything and Recover, and those are two of our best friends. That was a really, really fun tour. It's always fun no matter how the shows are -- whether they're packed or not. It's kind of a bonus, though, if you get to hang out with your friends. It was pretty awesome.

>NeXt: Is that your favorite part of being on tour?

PJ: Yeah, just hanging out with new people and meeting new bands like Action Reaction and Chiodos. We toured with [Chiodos] in Europe, actually just a month before this tour. And Boys Night Out we knew from Warped Tour, but it's always fun meeting a band that you don't know.

>NeXt: What do you guys do all day on tour?

PJ: That's a good question.

>NeXt: Watch "Braveheart?"

PJ: Well, it kind of depends on who you are. I kind of get up earlier than most people in the band. The earliest I've gotten up on tour so far has been like, 11:30.

>NeXt: Well, when do they wake up?

PJ: Let's just say, Nash has woken up a few times around 4:30 or 5. Actually today he woke up around 3:45ish. I got up at 1:15, or something like that. I always try to go out but it's like sometimes I wake up and I'm like -- "hm, I'm in Buffalo. If I wake up, what can I really do?" You know what I mean?

>NeXt: Oh burn! There's plenty to do here.

PJ: I don't have a car. I'm kind of screwed because I can't go anywhere. Today I went to Burger King, that was the extent of my visiting.

>NeXt: What kind of music are you listening to right now?

PJ: I've been listening to a band called Metric. I've been listening to Neil Young a lot. And I've had that Morningwood -- you know Morningwood? I've had that Morningwood song stuck in my head all day. We've been listening to a lot of Dragon Force, but they're nothing like us; they're completely weird metal, they would be a good soundtrack for this movie ["Braveheart"]. And a lot of Minus the Bear -- I've been listening to them every day, actually.

>NeXt: Have you ever had a really weird fan?

PJ: There was a band we toured with -- that would actually ask for things pickle-related [from fans]. They're called Your Enemy's Friend, and their fans would bring them pickles and like, those dill-flavored potato chips. You know, there are fans who will talk to you -- you know we're just guys, we don't take ourselves seriously -- sometimes people have an image of you, so it's almost like they're freaked out to meet you. Only yesterday, this girl and her friends had taken a bus 12 hours to go to the show in Toronto. She was talking to me and Nash and she was crying -- like just bawling, really, really crying.

>NeXt: We know you're working on a lot of new material now. What's the new sound we can expect from Armor for Sleep?

PJ: Well, there was a change between "Dream to Make Believe" and "What to Do When You're Dead"; it was a change, but it wasn't a drastic change. This is going to be the same thing. It'll be a change, probably the same amount of change -- it's kind of hard to say right now. We have 16 songs. I think some of them might be a little more on the chill side. But we're still extremely rock-oriented.

>NeXt: The next question is your favorite thing about coming to Buffalo -- I guess you don't have one --

PJ: No, honestly, I do like Buffalo. We've been here a million times. We play here a lot at least six times or something. We play at a different place every time we come, which is kind of weird. I like the fact that's it close to Niagara Falls. We went there a long time ago. It was a lot of fun. We walked over, actually -- you can park your car and walk across the border. We did that once with Recover, that was awesome.

>NeXt: Did you go on the Maid of the Mist? It's a boat that goes right under the falls.

PJ: No, we didn't do that. Hm. Maybe next time.

Caitlin Dewey is a junior at Sacred Heart Academy.

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