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Lots to wonder about after first theme night

The 12 singers of "American Idol" tackled the music of Mr. Stevie Wonder, and as America has its say, there's much to wonder at.

Turning on the charm: Kellie Pickler, after getting skewered by the judges, earned votes for adorability by drawling, "Hope I don't bust a seam!" while sitting down in her painted-on black dress, and calling her fake eyelashes "tarantulas." And the stylist had little effect on skater dude Ace Young, but the crowd loved him. These two cuties will be around.

Highlights: Ryan Seacrest removing Mandisa's cruel spikes; girlfriend belted out "Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing" barefoot. Lisa Tucker rocked "Signed, Sealed, Delivered," Paris Bennett owned "All I Do," then sang to Ryan! Chris Daughtry rocked "Higher Ground" to a higher level.

Oops!: Melissa McGhee sang a lyric wrong in front of the man who wrote it -- and then again on the show.

Headlines: Bucky Covington's fluffy Jessica Simpson 'do was a don't; Taylor Hicks' haircut, for once, was a do!

Who should go: Kevin "Part-Time Lover" Covais was scary outclassed.


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