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Charges made, denied in race for treasurer

The fur is already flying in the race for Niagara County treasurer.

Democratic candidate Patrick D. Brown, Monday accused Republican incumbent David S. Broderick of helping line up a county job for the chairman of the county Conservative Party in exchange for the party's endorsement in this year's election.

Last week, Michael P. Carney stepped down as County Legislature clerk to accept Broderick's appointment to the vacant position of deputy treasurer.

The new Legislature clerk is James M. Sobczyk, who resigned as Conservative chairman to take that post. One of his last acts as party chairman was to announce the endorsement of Broderick.

Brown charged, "This political move is like the 'friends and family plan' that created problems in Erie County. It is a disservice to taxpayers. Instead of choosing a financial professional as deputy county treasurer, Mr. Broderick is playing politics with the people's money for his personal gain."

Broderick said, "I think the Conservative endorsement is one I've had for many years, at least back to 1977. Mr. Carney has a degree in business administration, so he's a professional. He'll do a great job."

Sobczyk said Broderick "is a qualified person for that (treasurer) position more than Mr. Pat Brown is."

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