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Everybody's Column / Letters from Our Readers

>Ball's remains were moved to cemetery in Jamestown

As neighbors of Lucille Ball's hometown, Buffalo residents may like to know that the Feb. 19 story, "Celebrities still draw crowds at L.A.-area cemeteries," erroneously noted that the queen of comedy is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills. While that was once correct, a few years ago her children moved Ball's cremains to Jamestown's Lake View Cemetery, to join her parents, grandparents and other family members.

Jamestown is proud to be the birthplace of the woman who TV Guide says has the face that has been seen more often by more people than the face of anyone else who ever lived. We invite everyone to make the short trip from Buffalo to visit the Lucy-Desi Museum, which takes a hometown look at these international icons, and the new Desilu Playhouse, made possible by a generous gift from William and Mary Rapaport of East Amherst. The Desilu Playhouse is home to exact replicas of the studio sets from "I Love Lucy," the groundbreaking comedy that has been on the air since 1951.

Patricia Brininger
Associate Director
Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center


>Market Arcade complex is beautiful and thriving

After reading Mary Kunz Goldman's Feb. 20 column, one would think that the Market Arcade complex is a nonfunctional entity in the heart of the Theater District. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In June 1999, I opened Fera's Restaurant in the complex. Since that time, we have expanded in the building twice. My business continues to grow, fueled not only by tenants of the complex, but by many visitors from other buildings in the area. The Visitor Center, CVB, Landmark Society, CEPA and other tenants attract numerous individuals (locals and tourists) who are amazed by the beauty and architecture of the building.

I disagree with the local realty expert who claimed, "it's not too functional." I invite him and Goldman to take the Metro Rail to the Arcade, walk around during lunch time, talk to some of the tenants, look up at the Atrium ceiling and give thanks to the city and all the people who helped renovate and preserve this architectural gem.

Susan Priamo


>Many Amherst taxpayers appreciate Mohan's efforts

A big welcome to Supervisor Satish Mohan, who is a breath of fresh air to Amherst. I don't understand the furor over his checking where, why and how much money is being spent if it is honest and aboveboard and no hanky-panky is going on. My choice of that word dates me.

I have lived [here] and paid Amherst taxes for 47 years, so obviously I like it here. Now my circumstances have changed. As a single senior citizen on a limited fixed income, I wonder if I can continue to live in this wonderful place, for whatever time I have left, since I am over 80 years old. My prayers are with Mohan, especially for the continued strength he needs to accomplish his mission.

Helen Z. Camp


>Buffalo needs to adapt to modern global economy

The debate over free trade agreements has taken center stage in Buffalo. While one side blindly criticizes free trade, blaming it for all of our fiscal woes, the other has sought adaptive solutions. Not surprisingly, there is support for the former position because it is seen as a simple solution. Yet the thought that the end of free trade means the end to Buffalo's regression is an erroneous oversimplification. Free trade and the global marketplace are a reality and until we understand this and elect leaders who share this thought, our city cannot progress in the modern global economy.

This debate will be highlighted in the upcoming election between incumbent Rep. Tom Reynolds and challenger Jack Davis. While Davis talks of saving jobs, Reynolds has recognized the reality of the global marketplace and has sought to make free trade fair. This is the best way to embrace all the positive effects free trade can have, while neutralizing the negatives. By endorsing the U.S. Trade Report, which condemns China's unfair trade practices, Reynolds has shown his support. He has also co-sponsored the U.S. Trade Rights Enforcement Act, to combat international trade law violations.

Richard Gioia


>Proposed hotel would be an asset for Elmwood strip

As two former suburbanites now enjoying life on the West Side of Buffalo, my husband and I are in favor of the proposed hotel on the Elmwood strip. In looking for a home we considered Williamsville and Snyder, but ultimately loved the idea of being able to walk to the restaurants and shops on Elmwood. The Elmwood strip has a lot to offer, but certain spots still need improvement. I was thrilled to have the Lexington co-op and the cooperative (with Cone-Five and De-Lish) built in walking distance and have enjoyed shopping there very much.

I want to see improvements to Elmwood and I think that the proposed hotel would make a beautiful entrance to the area. A hotel is the perfect idea for the space because of its proximity to the art museum, Buffalo State College and the restaurants and shops on Elmwood. The proposal is for a five-story building, which is the same height as many of the apartment spaces on the other end of Elmwood, and allows for both retail space and parking. We are lucky to have local developers asking our opinions on what we want with the space.

Keri Deshane Callocchia


>Dedicated public servants are being driven away

Within the span of only four months, I have witnessed the exit from public service of two individuals who selflessly gave of their time and talents to improve the lives of the residents of Erie County. In November, the voters chose to reject my wife, former Erie County legislator Denise Marshall, despite her steadfast adherence while in office to the wishes of her constituents.

Most recently, David Campbell, an honest and highly capable member of the Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority, chose to resign his position rather than continue to suffer the unfair attacks on his character.

There are other examples of qualified men and women who have left public office rather than continue to endure the poisonous atmosphere of Erie County politics. It is no wonder that we find ourselves in such a mess when we continually chase good people away. My sister and her family, originally from this area, left for Colorado 10 years ago and never returned. They, and others like them, are the smart ones. I hope to soon join them. Erie County deserves what it gets.

Timothy P. Marshall


>No reason to bash people who reject the gay agenda

I appreciated the Feb. 18 letter addressing the issue of those of us who believe in a code of ethics. The media bash those of us who believe in the authority of God-given scriptural doctrine regarding the gay agenda.

I do not want to go backward to the time when gays were arrested for their sexuality, but I do not want to see that lifestyle glorified either. We are all sinners. The problem is that Hollywood and the media are trying to force us to believe this way of life is more normal than marriage between a man and a woman.

We have a code of ethics in sound doctrine to guide us. Why are the media trying to undermine this?

Joanne Zabielski

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