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Hanging 'Curves'

Karin Davie is a Toronto-born artist with an eye-popping painting style that hangs somewhere between abstraction and illusionism. The listing forms of her paintings push, sway and surge like shoulder-to-shoulder drunken sailors. The forms seem to swell outward so radically that they threaten to push right into the observer's space, if not into the observer himself. Sometimes, deep within Davie's energetic loops, there seem to be half-formed eyes lurking or squeezed-down glimpses of crazy-mirror landscapes.

Karin Davie: Dangerous Curves" is the first major museum survey of the artist's work. The exhibition opens at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery today. At 8 tonight "A Conversation with Karin Davie" will be held in the gallery auditorium with the gallery's senior curator, Douglas Dreishspoon. The exhibition will continue through May 14.

The Collectors Gallery of the Albright-Knox will host an accompanying show of Davie's drawings, "Pushed, Pulled, Depleted & Duplicated." It is on view through April 2. For more information, call 270-8292

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