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Focal Point

This is one small detail from an immense assemblage of tiny photographs that make up Christine Gatti's imposing 12-panel ":18 Project." The New York City-based Gatti photographed herself and the environment she happened to be in every hour of the day and night for one year. If that plan wasn't rigorous enough, the artist also imposed a conceptual discipline on the way she handled the shots themselves. While sleeping, Gatti is consistently shown from above in bed (executed with a timed camera). The only variations come through different sleeping postures, changes in clothing and bedding, and the occasional visit by other sleepers.

During waking hours, Gatti nearly always shows herself full-face, most of the time staring blankly into the camera with little expression. Her hair, clothing and accoutrements change along with the accompanying image, which might be a highway, a swimming pool, city buildings, a TV or any other thing that happened to be the surrounding environment of the moment. Like the self-portraits, the environment shots are done in the least dramatic way possible.

Assembled in chronological order on giant panels, the photographs grandly sum up a year in the life of an artist, forming what is very much like a personal history in photographs. Across the way, video monitors roll out these same images in rapid succession. The videos give the exhilarating sensation that we are seeing the calm photographic history on the panels pass before our eyes like a super-high-speed flashback.

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