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[In December] I heard Shredd and Ragan on 103.3 The Edge stating false accusations about my school, Frontier Central High. They were discussing the drug issues we are facing. They referred to Frontier as "Heroin High" and alluded to the fact that all the students here use drugs. This is obviously not true.

I am a junior at Frontier, and I know that many other schools in the area are facing similar drug problems. Frontier has chosen to be more public about these issues in an effort to get help for the students that need it. Shredd and Ragan had no right singling out Frontier. I am proud of getting my education at Frontier and I am grateful for all the great programs the school has to offer. For example, a Frontier graduate is now attending Harvard University. During the same week that these accusations were made, students in our National Honor Society had collected 180 blankets for homeless people in Buffalo.

With this situation, it makes me believe people tend to forget the positive and only focus on the negative.

-- Katelyn Banko, junior, Frontier

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