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13 arrested in drug raid on East Side

Thirteen people face 10 years to life in prison if convicted on high-level felony drug charges following their arrests late Monday in a raid by Buffalo narcotics, SWAT and Ferry-Fillmore district police officers and detectives on Shumway Street.

About 6 ounces of crack cocaine, scales and packaging paraphernalia that included a large roll of blank, uncut New York State lottery tickets were seized in the raid at 266 Shumway St.

The raid culminated a three-month investigation into East Side crack cocaine sales by Detectives David Sugg and Johnny Walker. Sugg said the lottery tickets were being used to wrap the rocks of crack cocaine for sale.

"This is part of the department's new initiative of zero tolerance," said Lt. Thomas Lyon, who led his platoon of detectives on the raid at about 10:15 p.m. in the teeth of a February snowstorm.

"There were people everywhere running from room to room as SWAT officers entered the house," Lyon said. "Several of them were trying to dive out of the window and they were doing whatever they could to get rid of the crack."

Lyon said when police busted into the house, several individuals were seen trying to flush the drugs down the toilet, throwing them on the floor or stuffing them into false dropped ceilings.

Detectives Edward Niemann, Michael Judge, Henry Velez and Timothy Mulhern assisted in the raid.

"We felt very confident we were going to do well and find a substantial amount of crack cocaine based on the information we developed over the last few months," Lyon said.

Arrested were: Karl L. Miller, 18, of Smith Street; Michael A. Williams, 20, of Broadway; Vincent A. Shayttuck, 34, of Marlow Avenue, Blasdell; Henry J. Pigler, 20, of Emslie Place; Christina J. Currie-Bishop, 19, of Kenville Road; Carolyn K. Bowden, 53, of the Shumway Street address; Travis S. Mungo, 20, of Porter Avenue; Katchinia L. Bailey, 37, of Central Avenue; Horace L. Harper, 19, of Shumway Street; Corythie Y. Fently, 36, of Fillmore Avenue; Curtis J. Moss, 22, of Academy Road; Jeremy A. Miller, 19, of Smith Street; and Barry D. Walker, 20, of Northampton Street.

All were charged with three counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance, including one charge that carries the lengthy prison term, and criminal use of drug paraphernalia.


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