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East Aurora studying crosswalk

East Aurora school officials are studying what the best pedestrian crossing would be for the front of the Main Street School at the Grove Street intersection.

The state's overhaul of Main Street -- planned to begin in summer 2007 -- includes revamped pedestrian crossings to improve safety but not a curb extension, as some desired, at the Grove-Main intersection.

Members of the village Main Street Reconstruction Task Force pitched two ideas for the crossing to the School Board last week and are looking for input from school officials for that crossing, which is the busiest pedestrian crossing along the length of Main Street.

"We want the area in front of the Main Street School as safe as possible," said Dan Castle, chairman of the village Planning Commission and a member of the task force.

One option calls for a bulb-out, or curb extension, jutting into Main Street that would also shorten the crossing distance for pedestrians.

The other option is to not build a bulb-out at all, based on arguments that a widened curb and sidewalk area would narrow the street and adversely affect snowplowing.

The task force is seeking school input on the state's current idea not to build a curb extension at the school.

The Main Street project initially called for 10 bulb-outs, but that was pared after the state said that was far too many and that they would interfere with plowing.

Bulb-outs are planned for Willow and Main streets; Payne Avenue by the Boys & Girls Club; and on the north side of Main at Church Street.

A recommended one by the Aurora Theatre was scrapped because Main Street businesses would have lost too many parking spots in front of their shops.


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