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Letters / Our readers speak out

Vulgar UB students should clean up act

I recently had the opportunity to attend the University at Buffalo home basketball game [against Ohio University] on Jan. 26. So to say that I was appalled by the behavior of the students at the game is an understatement.

I can appreciate rivalry between the UB team and its opponents, but for the students to act in the manner that they did was a very poor reflection on the UB school as a whole.

I witnessed students screaming vulgarities at the opposing team's fans, which were few in number compared to the sold-out crowd at the UB arena. It got to the point where the student ushers had to escort people to their seats in the visiting team fan section.

During the game, the students started their own cheers, which included profanity and were heard throughout the whole arena.

I was uncomfortable hearing this, and I can't imagine how the parents who brought their children to this big game felt.

The couple sitting behind me actually stated that they were glad they didn't bring their kids to the game. When questioned, the student security force replied they were "keeping an eye on the situation."

Having attended many college basketball games in my life, I never felt so uncomfortable as I did that night. I am not an alumni of UB, but if I were, I think I would be embarrassed by the behavior of the present day students.

To the UB Athletics Department: you need to do something about the students' behavior at your sporting events or you will lose the fans you so desperately seek to fill your arenas.

Donna M. Chichester

North Chili


Ticket-price boost insults Bills fans

The Buffalo Bills just announced an increase for tickets for the upcoming season. This is a slap in the face to the fans of Buffalo.

After coming off one of the worst seasons ever, they increase prices. The Bills organization should give the people a refund for the product they put on the field. To put a burden on the fans to increase prices is downright insulting.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park


Ticket increase is off base

As a current season-ticket holder I was stunned to learn that Ralph Wilson was socking us with another increase. Coming off what was a horrible season I did not expect this at all. Last year my ticket increased from $39 to $43 per game and now it will be either $47 or $48. I don't see the justification for this increase. This is a 20 percent increase over 2003 for absolute mediocrity. This is an insult to the fans who "pay" to see the players and the organization underachieve. On top of this, Ralph charges us full price for the preseason exhibition games.

Some might say that we are very gullible. Maybe we are.

Ed Clohessy



Wily Wilson pawned Mularkey off on Miami

After mulling over the comings and goings at One Bills Drive, it looks like wily owner Ralph Wilson had an ace up his sleeve after all. By creating a power structure in the Bills' front office that the totally inept Mike Mularkey couldn't co-exist in, Wilson, in effect, pawned off Mularkey on the arch-nemesis Miami Dolphins.

The Bills not only got rid of a useless burden, they just influenced the course of next season's AFC East race. Can you imagine: Miami, third down on the 1-yard line, Ricky Williams ready to "run to daylight," Mularkey, new Miami offensive coordinator, calls a pass play that falls flat. Result: loss Dolphins, with more to come.

Thanks, Mike, for doing the Bills a huge favor. What was the previously sane Nick Saban thinking, hiring this loser?

David P. Fiut



Playoff drought points to Bills' ownership

The circus known as One Bills Drive continues to entertain.

Fear not, fellow WNYers, here is one fact that seems to insinuate our tragic play will continue to run. The Carolina Panthers have been in existence 11 years and have reached the NFC Championship Game three times. During that same time the Bills have won just one playoff game. Heck, in their 45 years the Bills have only reached their conference championship eight times.

How's that for poor ownership? Thank you, Mr. Wilson.

David Munschauer



Coaches aren't fired, just recycled

At this time of the year at the end of the NFL season, several coaches are fired. To get fired means you no longer have a job. That is not the case in the NFL. If a coach gets fired or resigns, he goes home, starts to pack and waits for the phone to ring. "You're fired" does not mean you are out of a job, it means you are going to relocate.

As an example just check out Marv Levy, Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick, Mike Mularkey, Gregg Williams, Dennis Green, Ray Rhodes, Dick Jauron, to name a few.

It also allows those who retire to return, like Levy and Dick Vermeil.

I do not think this fraternity collects dues.

Jack Driscoll



Radio station should clean house

A recent letter writer hit the nail right on the head when he wrote that our local sports talk radio hosts and content are lacking. The problem is that he didn't use a big enough hammer. Most of the guys on WGR are boring starting with the "used to be good" Howard Simon. What a monotonous drag he turned out to be. He cries more than a newborn baby and is already complaining about next season's Bills starting lineup -- and it only gets worse when happy-go-lucky Jerry Sullivan joins him.

The national guys are pretty good, then comes Schopp and the Bulldog. Callers have to realize that if you don't agree with Schopp, you are treated to a spoiled brat type of attitude from him that is likened to a little girl that doesn't get her own way. Luckily, he has the Bulldog to smooth things over. In my opinion, WGR would be better off plugging Brad Riter into either Simon or Schopp's spots. Hey, the Bills cleaned house. Why not them?

Brian Zachary

Niagara Falls


Sports radio features nothing but negative

I wanted to comment on the letter in regards to WGR 55 and the so called "sports theme" of their show. First off, I completely agree that WGR seems to have nothing but negative remarks no matter what the Buffalo Bills do regarding the coaching situation as well as having Marv Levy as the general manager. Mike Schopp and the "Bulldog" have done nothing but ridicule and disagree with the changes in the organization as well as constantly insinuate that Levy wanted to be the head coach when Levy never uttered that statement.

I for one did not want to see the Bills retain Mike Mularkey and was happily shocked when he resigned. But these two "sports" jocks are probably the reason for Mularkey's sudden departure, what with how this supposed sports show seemed to make it their personal agenda to rid the Bills of Mularkey if Ralph Wilson wouldn't.

What really shocks me is that Howard Simon, who always seemed to have a very informative sports show on the now extinct Empire Sports Network, has sunk to his co-anchors' level of having segments of their morning show discuss various subjects that have absolutely nothing to do with sports, such as their "cow bell" ringing segment of "over" or "under." This is a sports show?

Anthony Diaz



Hunting and fishing are no crime

I am writing in response to letters about Mike Powers and his big game hunting success. Being a hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman, I would just like to first extend my congratulations to Mr. Powers on a fine job. Not many people can be fortunate enough to travel to Africa as many times as Mr. Powers has, let alone harvest as many of the magnificent animals shown in his trophy room.

Mr. Powers is doing something he loves to do and is fortunate enough to have the funds, the time and energy to enjoy his choice of recreation. If someone wants to shoot animals with a camera, that's fine, that is your choice. That is what makes this a free and wonderful country to live in: To choose what you want to do, when you want to do it and where you want to do it.

But to try and bring shame to someone you don't even know and to degrade a recreation enjoyed by millions of men, women and children everywhere on this planet is a losing battle. Hunters are here to stay, like us or not.

Please, take time to learn about one's sport or hobbies before making it sound like it's a crime.

Pat Oakley



Rush to judgment on Vince Young

This is in response to the guy who said that Vince Young is setting a bad example. First of all, where is it written that a guy can't leave school early and still go back and get the degree? It's been done before, most notably the likes of Vince Carter, Michael Jordan and Shaquille O'Neal, just to name a few.

People can be such hypocrites sometimes because there's no way you can tell me that if that letter writer was just coming off one of the best performances in the history of college football, and about to be a sure-fire top-five draft pick, he wouldn't do the same thing?

This guy has no idea what Vince Young's situation is, so he should just pipe down and stop trying to pass judgment on others.

Thomas Adkins



MacDonald must go as Canisius coach

I totally agree with the letter writer calling for the resignation of Mike MacDonald as Canisius men's basketball coach. It took him eight-plus years to get 100 career wins as coach, which averages to a little over 12 a year, and every college plays at least 26 games a year. Also, 20 of those wins came in 2000-01 and 1998-99, when he was only one game over. 500.

When Canisius picks the next men's basketball coach, select someone whose last name does not begin with "M." Since 1960, every basketball coach whose last name begins with "M" has not gone to the NCAA Tournament. The 1995-96 team that went to the "Big Dance" was coached by John Beilein, who was the only coach since 1960 they had whose name does not start with "M." M stands for mediocrity, which is what the results have been for many years.

I can say that my annual contribution to the school is going to academics, and not athletics.

Alan Kaniecki


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