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It seems to us ... Year-end memos for Bills fans, voters and a certain Amherst councilman

GO BILLS: The 5-10 Buffalo Bills meet the 3-12 New York Jets in the Futility Bowl this Sunday, with both teams closing out their seasons well short of a playoff berth. There oughta be a concession stand for paper bags with eye holes.

But the game actually could mean something -- the loser could get a better draft pick. While the Jets will draft before Buffalo no matter how this one turns out, other teams match or could wind up with worse records, and thus higher draft picks, than Buffalo. Team and personal pride counts for more than that, of course, and the Bills and Jets both will be playing to win. But here's a memo for forward-looking football junkies: "Wide Right" is not an acceptable chant, when your own offense is on the field.


THE EARLY EARLY LINE: Oddsmakers at are beating the 2008 rush by making Republicans the early favorites to keep the White House in the next presidential elections. According to the sports book, the odds are a thin 3 to 4 in favor of the GOP, with former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani the favored Republican by almost as slim a margin over Sen. John McCain. The odds against Gov. George E. Pataki becoming the GOP nominee are 8 to 1, and the odds against Vice President Cheney are 40 to 1.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton holds just as slim a wagering edge over former Sen. John Edwards as the most likely Democratic contender, but here's a memo to voters: Don't bet the farm on any of this, just yet.


MAKE IT STOP: Will somebody please tell Amherst Council Member William L. Kindel that whoever convinced him the best defense was a good offense didn't mean he should take the term "offensive" to new heights? It's nice he and supervisor-elect Satish B. Mohan have patched things up, but what logic on earth made Kindel demand an apology from the man he offended in comments many saw as bordering on racist? Or insult Indian culture, in the process?

Memo to Kindel: Next time you're deep in a hole, stop digging.

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