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Yes, it's fun

"Fun With Dick and Jane" is a comedy about a man named Dick Harper (played by Jim Carrey) who is out of work when the head of his firm takes the company down in a scandal. When he runs out of money, Dick and his wife, Jane (played by Tea Leoni), turn to robbery.

"Fun With Dick and Jane" could've been a lot worse. Of course, it wasn't a great movie either. It's funny, there's no doubt about that, but the movie just doesn't seem sure of what it wants to be. The first three-fourths of it are pure comedy but then, in the last 20 minutes, the film shifts into some sort of "Ocean's Eleven" crime caper. The transition isn't smooth either. You can feel the entire being of the movie change into something very different from what you had been watching. And it feels weird.

There's lots of good stuff, though. For instance, the movie is full of political references, which, while not being enough to turn the film into a classic, are a nice touch. The jokes aren't aimed at one ideology either, so everyone can enjoy them.

The main reason why this can be considered a good movie is because the film's primary objective (humor) was successful. It's a funny movie. With Jim Carrey in it, you can't expect much less, but I'm sure that it would have been just as funny even if he wasn't in it.

So, while this movie was far from fantastic, it's still worth seeing.

Fun With Dick and Jane


Review: 3 stars (Out of 4)

Peter Pavlakis is a senior at Kenmore West

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