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Movies: Coming Jan. 6, "The Gathering" (suspense with Christina Ricci); Jan. 13, "Glory Road" (PG), "Hoodwinked" (PG, Anne Hathaway stars in update of Red Riding Hood story), "Last Holiday" (PG-13, Queen Latifah is a shy sales clerk who goes wild after being told she has a terminal illness).

New on video/DVD: Arrived this week, "Into the Blue" (PG-13), "Dark Water" (PG-13), Jan 10, "Red Eye"; Jan. 31, "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride."


Good news for Death Cab for Cutie fans. All 12 songs from the band's Grammy-nominated album, "Plans," have been made into music videos by 12 different directors. They will be unveiled one at a time on Death Cab for Cutie's Web site early next month. Band members don't appear in the films, which were made with small budgets. The band hoped the videos would be both individual pieces and also work together as a unified whole. "Plans," the band's fifth album, has a Grammy nomination for best alternative album.


The interactive CD "DJ Spanish" is not your Spanish teacher's typical listening tool. "DJ Spanish" by Howard Beckerman aims to teach its listeners "cool" Spanish, teaching in a way that keeps students awake and interested in class! The DJS on the CD (DJ Chill, and DJ Marianita) speak in both English and Spanish, introducing their listeners to Spanish slang with hip-hop and Latin beats. Many of the "DJ Spanish" interactive lessons are either rapped or sung by the DJs. By using this CD, students become attune to native speakers' accents, which is vital in learning a foreign language. "DJ Spanish" was recently tested out on a Lafayette High School Spanish class. While most students enjoyed it, the general consensus was that the CD is most appropriate for middle school-age students due to its somewhat young lyrical content. The "DJ Spanish" kit ($12.95) comes complete with one audio CD and a listener's guide.

-- Melissa Ortiz, City Honors


"They sent me a CD (of the "Walk the Line' soundtrack). Deacon put his fingers in his ears and said, "I hate this song! Turn if off!' It was me singing!"

-- Reese Witherspoon, on her 2-year-old son's reaction to her performance as June Carter Cash, in People magazine.

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