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Town accepts pouring deal with Pepsi

The Town of Orchard Park has accepted a pouring rights deal with Pepsi, and it will try to encourage other organizations to sign on.

The deal, which was approved last week, will pay the town $5,000 a year for three years to make Pepsi and its assorted pop, juice and water products the offerings at Recreation Department events and other town activities.

"They were by far and away the best opportunity for the town financially," said Recreation Director Ed Leak, who, along with Recreation Commission member Gerard Capelli, negotiated the deal.

The deal calls for the town's groups to consume 2,500 cases of Pepsi product a year. Pepsi also will supply trailers for some events.

It also can earn bonuses for groups that sell Pepsi products through the town deal.

Leak said the town would encourage groups such those running the Quaker Arts Festival to take advantage of the town's deal with Pepsi, but there would be no requirement.

"We'll start meeting with all of the groups in town, from the Quaker Arts Festival to the youth groups, any group in town that uses product at an event," said Leak, "and we're going to ask them to come on board and sign an agreement.

"It will give the groups new money they've never had before, and they're going to have the advantage of price we've negotiated with Pepsi. So it's a win-win."

Leak said the deal didn't involve Orchard Park Central School.

School Superintendent Joan Thomas said the district has no pouring rights deal, although it was discussed several years ago.

"We just didn't feel it was something we wanted to do," Thomas said. "Individual groups [within the district] may have deals."

The pouring rights issue for the school district was a source of controversy about four years ago, and the district never acted on a deal.

Leak said the deal has an option for two more years.

The money will be put in a special Recreation Department account to add some special events.


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