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Visions of '06 sugarplums

'Twas Christmas, '05,

And all through New York,

The politicos were dreaming

Of patronage and pork.

Erie County was nestled

In a deficit hole

That just about everyone

Blamed on King Joel.

Byron Brown had become

Buffalo's 58th mayor

But inherits a city

Where the cupboard is bare.

And just when we thought

All our problems were fixed,

Along come more pols,

Running in '06.

On Spitzer, On Weld,

Golisano and Pirro,

But some say against Hillary,

Jeanine's chances are zero.

On Jack Davis again

To make Reynolds meeker

And ruin his chances

To ever be speaker.

Back in City Hall

Departs a mayor we call Tony.

Paired up with Vic Farley,

He'll make lots of money.

For it's off to Albany

And Washington, D.C.,

Where he'll work as a lobbyist,

And it won't be for free.

In just a few days,

Byron will hire Steve Casey,

But against a control board

He might need Joe Mesi.

For now Brown must govern,

While wielding much latitude.

It's no longer a campaign

Filled with all platitudes.

And so we return

Deep inside Ellicott Square,

Where Carl Paladino

Licks wounds in his lair.

For he put lots of money

On a candidate named Kevin,

But with Byron as mayor,

Next year won't be heaven.

When it comes to the Congress,

Antoine Thompson says he oughta,

But the long-time incumbent

Thinks he's in for a Slaughter.

The planning is on

At Rick's Tally Ho

For Snowden to run

And spend all his dough.

But soon he will poll

And send out this query:

Can a strip joint proprietor

Lead a county called Erie?

Every few years,

We shame Clement Clarke Moore

With a political ode

That we know is quite poor.

But it's the best that you'll get,

From an ink-stained old scribe

Who gives you the news,

And the scoop from inside.

So before all our readers

Are tempted to snooze,

Happy Christmas to all

From The Buffalo News.


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