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Question Mark / Speedy Booker gave the Bills an edge on the corner

Who's the best Bills player to never make the Pro Bowl? -- David Henry, Miami, Fla.

Answer: No. 1 is Joe Ferguson. He never made the Pro Bowl due to tough competition. He was beaten out by Dan Fouts and Ken Anderson in his best statistical year, 1981. He was beaten out by Fouts and Brian Sipe in '80.

No. 2 is Booker Edgerson. He never made the AFL All-Star Game, except in 1965, when the entire Bills team played the rest of the AFL stars. But that doesn't count. Edgerson was the lockdown corner for the Bills' AFL champs and might be the most underrated Bills player ever. The Bills' other corner, Butch Byrd, was a monster in bump-and-run coverage and was outstanding. But he got more interceptions because foes threw less at Edgerson. Edgerson had speed, too. He caught Lance Alworth from behind in a famous play in the '65 title game.

"I'd still put him on my all-time Bills team," former News sports columnist Larry Felser says of Edgerson.

I think London Fletcher ranks right up there. Other fine Bills players on the non-Pro Bowl list include Phil Hansen, Pete Metzelaars, Chris Mohr, Paul Maguire, Steve Christie, Jim Haslett, Bobby Chandler, Lucius Sanford, Al Bemiller, Pat Williams and Mario Clark.


Q: If during a point-after attempt, the kick is blocked, can the opposing team pick the ball up and return it? How about for a two-point conversion attempt if the opposing team creates a turnover? -- Paul Goodwyn, Orchard Park.

A: No. The play is over on a one-point try once the failure of the kick is evident or on a two-point try at the end of the play or when there is a change of possession.


Q: Everyone has been talking about how Eric Moulds will count for about $11 million against the salary cap if he returns next year. My question, though, is how much of that $11 million is "new" money that the team will actually pay him next year, and how much represents previous bonuses that will count against the cap no matter whether he stays or leaves? His base salary this year was $1.5 million. My own strong preference would be to see Moulds stay and to have Mike Mularkey and (of course) Tom Donahoe go. -- Daniel Singal, Rochester

A: Moulds' base salary next year is scheduled to be $6 million. He has a $1 million roster bonus, plus a workout bonus of $100,000. His prorated bonus money for next year is $3.66 million.


Q: How about fining these guys a grand for every yard penalized, $10,000 for every first down called back and drive halted, or for keeping the opposing team's drive alive, with the money going to charity? If none of this occurs, then the coaching staff ponies up $10,000 for the charity. -- Mac McCain, Woodbridge, Va.

A: You're not the first reader who has suggested fines for stupid mistakes. Under the collective bargaining agreement between the players and owners, a player can be fined for a lot of things. They include being late for a meeting, a practice or a doctor's appointment, being overweight, losing a game plan or playbook, missing the team bus or plane, throwing a ball into the stands, and conduct detrimental to the team. However, a player can't be fined for making a penalty or playing poorly.

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