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A is for affluent?

There is a new lifestyle magazine out there called Cookie, and it is tailored to parents with young children. The magazine, published by Conde Nast, covers the gamut from dealing with your child's cold to choosing unforgettable beach getaways for the whole family. Costa Rica, anyone?

Articles in the premiere issue, which sells for $3.50, also include an interview with children's clothing designer Lucy Sykes; advice for keeping piles of baby photos under control, and a look at kids' hairstyles. One style is called the Menace. Another, the Drama Queen.

Cute, too, is a fashion layout featuring little girls in party dresses accessorized with Mom's best baubles.

Children too groomed on these pages? Rooms too neat?

As the Washington Post recently put it: "Because Cookie is a Conde Nast magazine, everything looks just a shade better than it does in real life."
>A word from Heloise

To set a festive mood in your home, try this: Dab some oil of cinnamon, clove, peppermint or eucalyptus on a cool light bulb. When you turn it on, the scent will drift through the room.

>Don't chip the china

Chances are you are using your fancy dinnerware this holiday season. But when it's time to pack it away again, who wants to worry about breakage?

One economical way to avoid chips or scratches is to use paper plates -- or large baking cups or felt rounds -- for cradling them without adding bulk, recommend the editors of Martha Stewart Living, in "Simple Home Solutions" (Potter, $22.50).

Simply insert a paper plate in between each plate as you stack them. For bowls, try coffee filters.

>And finally . . .

"I love to put single flowers in inexpensive colored-glass bottles. Scattered around a table, they have more impact than a single large vase."

Barbara Corcoran, real estate guru/television producer, in House & Garden magazine

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