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Movies: Opening today, "Cheaper by The Dozen 2" and "Fun With Dick and Jane" (PG-13); Friday, "Memoirs of a Geisha" (PG-13) and "The Ringer" (PG-13); Sunday, "The Producers" (PG-13) and "Rumor Has It" (PG-13).

New on video/DVD: Arrived Tuesday, "Serenity," "Brothers Grimm" and "Exorcism of Emily Rose"; coming Tuesday, "Into the Blue" (PG-13) and "Dark Water" (PG-13).

Concerts: Dec. 30, Lowest of the Low, Club Infinity, Williamsville; Jan. 30, Bon Jovi, HSBC Arena; Feb. 2, Avenged Sevenfold (with CKY and Eighteen Visions), Town Ballroom, 681 Main St. March 17, Queen plus Paul Rodgers, HSBC Arena.


"Gun" (Activision Developer for PS2, Gamecube, XBox, PC, retail price $49.99) is a very rare game to come by. Not only are Western games few and far between, but "Gun" plays exceptionally well and has an interesting story line. Although the plot is good, if you only play the main story, "Gun" is a pretty short game. Unlike many games the story follows strong throughout and doesn't force you to go on mindless tasks and side quests. Luckily the side quests are always an option in case you feel like boosting your characters' stats or making some extra money to upgrade your weaponry. Doing a few side missions every now and then is usually a good idea if you don't want to have to try missions a few times over. Side missions include taking on vigilante jobs, playing Texas Hold-em, or scavenger hunt type quests. At many points in the game you will be working with at least one other person so you will not have all the stress of completing the mission. There are also missions where you must watch your partners' backs. There will be plenty of ammunition lying around but you will still want to keep an eye on your supply, especially if you are supposed to be using a certain weapon to complete the mission. The only drawback of the game is the saving, which takes an excessive amount of time. Everything else is very user-friendly. Even horseback combat, which tends to be twitchy or hard to control in most games, works out very well. Gun has a Mature rating.

-- Garrison Dusza, Hamburg Central


"When I was 16, I was in a band and there was this $2,000 guitar that I wanted. Christmas came around. My mom left a trail of picks to the bathroom -- and there was the guitar." -- Ryan Cabrera, in Newsweek.

-- Knight Ridder Newspapers

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