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It seems to us . . . What, no crusades?; cell phone as a perk; slap-shot Bill

CRUSADING FICTION: So Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad thinks the extermination of 6 million Jews is a myth, does he? He's not the first kook to deny Hitler's Holocaust. The truth is that as events recede into history, it becomes easier to sell canards to a poorly educated, historically prejudiced crowd. Problem is, anybody can play that game. Ahmadinejad should be careful somebody doesn't start claiming the Crusades were a myth. The Crusades were the period when Catholics spent a few centuries abusing Muslims in an attempt to capture the Christian holy lands. Supposedly.


CELLING OUT: Some of the aforementioned BMHA board members sure seem chatty. They ran up cell phone bills of more than $400 a month, claiming it was agency business, mostly calls from tenants. (Talk about personal service). There certainly are many plans out there, but a cell phone for work usually raises red flags at some companies if it gets higher than $50 to $100 a month. Either the BMHA needs a new plan, or the people using the phones need to cut their minutes. But there is one way to find out: HUD investigators should get the phone records and see who commissioners called. It's amazing what computerized records from things like cell phones and E-ZPass will turn up. Like the ones the FBI used to determine the former West Seneca assessor had crossed the Peace Bridge to gamble 13 percent of the time he said he was at work. Oops.


WILD BILL: Bill Clinton, that ol' hockey fan from Hope, (British Columbia?), stopped into our humble burg the other day. He delivered a rousing partisan speech to Democratic faithful. We liked his appeal for ideas as opposed to the Bush administration's polarizations. And we liked that Sabres owner and possible Republican candidate for governor B. Thomas Golisano invited him to the owner's box at HSBC Arena, where the two were seen leaning over whispering to each other. Now what was said can be revealed: "Tom, help me on this: When that little round black thing goes across two of those lines, that's icing?" And, "Hey, Tom, where are the cheerleaders?"

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