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Letters / Our readers speak out

Bad old days are here again


You're now entering into the "Buffalo Bills Twilight Zone." It's 1967 again, or it it 1969? 1976? 1984-85? Or 2005? Symptoms: a feeling of outrage and despair upon witnessing yet another display of ineptitude, uninspired play, bad coaching and incessant mistakes. It's the "bad old days" once again.

I never thought the Bills would return to such a horrendous level, but history does repeat itself. As a famous sportswriter once said, "Bad teams find a way to lose." Whether it's blowing the lead in the final minute or an outright blowout, the results are the same: failure.

Goodbye Donahoe, Mularkey and all your Pittsburgh band of cronies. The bus is waiting! Run for it!

David P. Fiut



Time to take out handy dandy notebook

We should sit Bills GM Tom Donahoe and coach Mike Mularkey in front of the TV and make them watch "Blue's Clues," the children's show on Nickelodeon.

All the callers to the radio call-in shows after the Bills-Dolphins debacle cried out in desperation: "The coaching staff doesn't have a clue! Donahoe doesn't have a clue!"

Little kids learn from "Blue's Clues." Maybe Tom and Mikey could pick up some much needed clues.

Joyce L. Wilson



Coaches at a loss in loss to Miami

The Bills' loss to Miami is even worse than the loss to the Titans on the kickoff return. In the Miami game you could see the Bills disintegrating, and the coaches didn't know how to stop it.

Sage Rosenfels and Chris Chambers were made to look like Dan Marino and Terrell Owens as the Bills sat back and watched them complete pass after pass. The Bills' vaunted secondary ran around like chickens with their heads cut off. The coaching and game management in the fourth quarter was atrocious.

The pass on first down was a terrible call. All the Bills had to do was pound Willis McGahee into the line three times, use up clock and, if no TD, take the field goal.

There should be a lot more changes for Mr. Wilson to consider than just Mr. Donahoe.

Don Weimer



Sam: Don't let the door hit you on way out

I didn't know about the Sam Adams situation until it was said by the Fox Sports sideline reporter during the game against the Panthers. So, Adams wasn't on the sidelines because coach Mike Mularkey supposedly said the team had a better chance to win without him. Well, he was right.

If Adams was as good as he thinks he is, the Bills wouldn't be near the bottom of the league in run defense this year. Face it, Sam, you're obviously not the reason the Bills' defense was so dominant last year. Take away Pat Williams, and the injured Takeo Spikes, and the defense has plummeted. Sure, Sam has great timing on snap counts most of the time, but then the other times he was offsides on those plays. If Adams was as good as advertised, he'd be able to beat the double teams offensive lines throw at him. But he's not.

If Adams is not willing to realize his time in Buffalo is running out, then he's wrong. Tim Anderson and Justin Bannan proved to be adequate replacements, and Ron Edwards can be just as good or even better than Adams. If Adams wants to pull a Terrell Owens and leave the team, then that's fine by me. If you can't be a team player, then the team doesn't want you.

Justin Czerwonka



Drunken fans ruin the game for others

My husband and I are longtime Buffalo Bills fans, and we attend several games a year to cheer on our team. Usually following each game I find myself saying, "I will never go to another game ever again!" This is due to the chronic problems that occur among fans. My husband seems to talk me into going again and again, but this time the Bills organization has really blown it.

We attended the Bills versus Jets game Oct. 16. It was a 4 o'clock game and everyone knows that it will be a wild time due to high amounts of alcohol consumption by tailgaters. The NFL and Bills organization implied that there would be a "pat down" before entering The Ralph, preventing items from being smuggled into the game.

As you will learn, these so-called "pat downs" don't catch everything.

As we entered our seats, everyone was excited and all around us were Bills fans, luckily. When the late-comers sat down behind us, it was no surprise that they had enjoyed their tailgate party. As the game progressed, so did the vulgar language and the heckling and, of course, the drinking. Thankfully, halftime approached and the beer consumption would come to a halt. So I thought.

It was just around the middle of the third quarter when the exciting and close game would end for my husband and me. I noticed that one of the inebriated fans sitting behind us was vomiting all over our seats and some on us due to his stupor state. When we stood up, we suggested to the drunken friend sitting next to the puker to help his sick buddy and leave in order to stop the vomiting. He declined to take our advice because he, too, could barely stand up. Under the drunken fans' seats were numerous beer cans, some full, some empty. I guess the beer cut off at halftime didn't apply to them.

Being forced to leave, we informed the usher and police officer assigned to our section of what occurred. After cleaning ourselves up, we stood along the wall of the tunnel that leads to another section so we could see how the game was going. Much to our disbelief, we were told by a security person that we needed to return to our seats because we were not allowed to stand where we were. We explained what happened to us, and he threatened us that if we did not move, he would call someone to escort us out. We were speechless.

To sum this all up, the Bills organization needs to start cracking down harder on the fans and the stadium's employees. They need better training.

This is a serious matter. It is not cheap to attend a Bills game. We learned that spending over $100 for getting puked on is not worth it.

Melinda Mesner



Column about Kelly went too far

Let me begin by stating that I am a friend of Jim Kelly and of his wife and her family, which I have known for many years. Having said that, I have some opinions of my own about the story about Jim's involvement with an Internet gambling site. That involvement may or may not have been a good idea. There are plenty of opinions out there and everyone has a right to theirs.

Bob DiCesare has every right to offer his opinion in his column as he did. But to throw in Jim's failed restaurant and his hiding behind the corporate structure had little or nothing to do with the subject. And then the final attack of comparing Jim and the accused double murderer on the Bills' Wall of Fame was way over the top. I don't know if Mr. DiCesare had personal dealings with Jim during his playing days and has an ax to grind, or if he just felt like going after the guy on the day of the biggest fund-raiser for Hunter's Hope, the annual Hunter's Hope Ball. Maybe it was just a coincidence.

I could go on about all the money Jim has raised and contributed to local charities, including Cradle Beach Camp and others he has supported through his Kelly for Kids foundation. I don't know them all, but I bet those kids who have been on the receiving end of gifts or who have just had a picture taken with Jim sure are grateful.

And certainly, all the kids and their families affected by Krabbe and other leukodystrophies are grateful to Jim and Jill and the Hunter's Hope Foundation.

Now to be sure, Jim is no saint and is far from perfect and maybe this Internet gambling thing was not such a good idea but, in my opinion, Mr. DiCesare went too far in attacking a local guy with many more good things than bad associated with his name and Hall of Fame career.

John Beaver



Don't use 'r' word for parochial schools

As a captain of the St. Francis Red Raiders football team under head coach Jerry Smith, I find it absolutely horrible for someone to demean a team because they are a parochial school and supposedly recruit. The practice of recruiting would go against every moral coach Smith has instilled on myself and my team. It is a shame that the players can't decide who's No. 1 in Western New York. It is also a shame that people regard public schools as having a disadvantage.

St. Francis or St. Joe's cannot draw from a pool of 1,000 plus students or receive state money for their programs. I have had the time of my life playing St. Xavier (ninth in the country) and St. Edward's (24th in the country) and being ranked 22nd in the nation at one point.

Because of coach Smith and the schedule he assembled, I am playing college football at a major university. If any team would like to play us, you can find my parochial team hanging around the locker room, doing the same as most, merely speculating who's No. 1.

Jeff Brady

St. Francis senior captain


Kudos all around for St. Joe's, OP

Congratulations to St. Joe's for its eventual recognition (albeit a shared one) as No. 1. Kudos, too, to the two voting referees who finally saw the error of their ways in a delayed instant replay. And a pat on the back to Keith McShea, who made it all possible.

Also, admiration is in order for Orchard Park coach Gene Tundo's gracious acceptance of the revised selections. Class always tells.

John Roach


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