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Hiking cost of relicensing will hurt local companies

Power for Economic Prosperity, a coalition of manufacturing companies located in Erie and Niagara counties that depend on low-cost hydropower from the Niagara Project, believes that The News has lost sight of the importance of the cost of the power to the region. Last spring, the editorial board had it right when it pointed out that there is no free lunch when it comes to payments made as part of the relicensing process.

More than 100 locally based companies purchase low-cost hydropower from the Power Authority's Niagara Power Project. These companies have a significant positive economic impact on the Buffalo Niagara economy, employing 43,000 people with annual payrolls exceeding $2 billion.

Simply put, the higher the cost of relicensing, the harder it will be for the region's already stressed manufacturing base to remain competitive in a global economy. The settlement Buffalo and Erie County is seeking would have serious and negative repercussions to the manufacturing industry that continues to remain the number one economic engine driving the regional economy.

Kelly A. Brannan
Power for Economic Prosperity

Education is the key to eliminating poverty

Was that a News editorial on Sept. 18 or the talking points straight from the Democratic National Committee? Tax cuts for the rich? No, every person who pays taxes gets a tax cut. That kept the economy from tanking after 9/1 1.

Here are some facts. In 1996, President Bill Clinton spent $191 billion on poverty and entitlements, or 12 percent of the budget. The poverty rate under Clinton was 13 percent. President Bush will have spent $368 billion on poverty, or 16 percent of the budget. The poverty rate under Bush is 12 percent. The paper fails to mention this. This country has spent $7 trillion on poverty since LBJ, yet poverty has hardly gone away.

A massive problem with the editorial is that education was not mentioned a single time. Last time I checked, schooling is free through high school. The key to breaking the poverty cycle is obviously education. There are trade schools and community colleges for people of low income, with all kinds of public assistance. Condoleezza Rice came from a poor sharecropping family. How did she become successful? Education! The liberal mantra, "everything is Bush's fault," is getting extremely tiresome.

Kevin Gorman

Wiesenthal inspired world with his courage, devotion

Simon Wiesenthal survived five Nazi death camps, lost 89 members of his family to the Holocaust and devoted the rest of his life to tracking down the evil men responsible. He inspired the world with his courage and commitment to justice. No one is more deserving of a peaceful passing away in his sleep. May he rest in peace.

Gary Earl Ross

Mayor's abysmal performance has damaged once great city

I found the Sept. 18 News editorial, "Next mayor needs to lead," very much on the mark. It shared a number of important issues that should have been resolved, but never were, during the do-nothing Masiello administration. That Mayor Anthony Masiello is now willing to share his administrative acumen with the current mayoral candidates is quite ironic. God help us should they heed his advice. Masiello's ineptitude during his tenure in office has done enough damage to our once great city. Obviously, the man is a legend in his own mind and this delusion will be the legacy of his administration.

Tom Madej
West Seneca

Accident highlights value of school crossing guards

It's a shame that it took an accident for people to realize how important school crossing guards are at doing their job. Kristen Masecchia truly put her life on the line. We are at our posts in all kinds of weather. We know our kids, which way they walk home, who they walk with and who picks them up from school.

People should realize that there are restrictions in school zones. The speed limit is 15 miles per hour. If a crossing guard is in the middle of the street, don't drive around her because you are in a hurry. Stop signs mean exactly that -- stop.

Crossing guards are there for one reason -- to help children cross the street safely. If this is an inconvenience for drivers going to work, then take another route. We are not making big bucks on this job. We are there for the children.

Maryann Bielanin

Many of us still have lots of fun at the fair

As this year's "Ultimate Fair-Goer," I felt it was my duty to respond to the Sept. 21 My View, "County Fair has grown stale over the years." I, too, have been a fair-goer for a long time. But I still have a great time each year and fail to see the "staleness."

The daily parade that marches throughout the fairgrounds provides a lot of fun and the same attraction as a parade marching through Hamburg, but with less confusion on the roads.

No one can deny that prices have gone up, but that is true anywhere you go. Check out the prices at Darien Lake and Fantasy Island. Loose change doesn't buy anything anymore -- anywhere.

I do love Wal-Mart, but it certainly can't offer me pig races, a ride on the roller coaster, freshly popped kettle corn or deep-fried Twinkies. I can still see a demolition derby, Native American dancing in the Indian Village and the sand sculpture, which was being done near the Gate 4 entrance.

The fair, whether it be called the Erie County Fair or America's Fair or any other name, is still the fair to me and it is still fun.

Barb Brader

It was sickening to see incumbents win primaries

I will never forget the feeling I had on a January afternoon in 1991 watching the people of Western New York cheering for Scott Norwood after he had cost us a Super Bowl victory. I could not believe people were cheering for a failure.

I had that same feeling of disgust on the morning of Sept. 14 after seeing the results of the primary election. Five of the six incumbents won their elections for Erie County legislator. After watching these legislators fail miserably in their job, the people of Erie County gave them a ringing endorsement. Once again, we reward failure.

I will probably never forgive Norwood for missing that field goal, and I will definitely never forgive the legislators for ruining our county. Wake up Western New York. Our future is at stake.

Dan West

Aerospace Museum would be welcome on our waterfront

Yes, it's true, one man's trash is another man's treasure. I agree with the Sept. 14 News editorial that downtown Buffalo would be a great location for the Niagara Aerospace Museum. A Seneca Nation Court will decide the fate of the museum on Oct. 3.

If the museum is evicted from its Niagara Falls home, the Buffalo waterfront could be a winner. The collection would complement the Naval and Military Park and add a treasure to the Erie Canal Harbor District.

Elaine M. Reinhardt

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