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One crazy 'Corpse'

Tim Burton is known for a few things: crazy plots, crazy settings, and even crazier characters that inhabit his crazy worlds (this year's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," anyone?). "Corpse Bride" is no exception.

In Burton's latest animated stop-motion film, we find Victor (Johnny Depp) caught between the two worlds of the living and the dead: engaged to a mortal, he finds himself wed to a dead girl instead.

The movie takes off at the dress rehearsal of his earthly wedding, during which Victor gets cold feet after he is berated by his fiancee's dreadful, gold-digging parents, and a macabre local pastor. Victor runs off into the woods, and thus finds himself in the blink of an eye (actually, the popping-out of an eye) betrothed to a corpse (Helena Bonham-Carter) with a mysterious and tragic past.

Thus, both Victor and the audience are launched into a colorful and raucous world of the dead, replete with skeleton jam sessions, talking heads, and a lisping maggot whose resemblance to Peter Lorre (think "Casablanca") is no accident.

Those who fell in love with the 1993 romance between Jack Skellington and Sally in "The Nightmare Before Christmas" will surely find this film just as entertaining. Tim Burton outdoes himself, creating a whole other world and underworld that are both captivating and a little bit creepy.

The stop-motion animation is amazing to watch and it is hard to fathom the hours and dollars it took to film just one small movement. The characters' comically exaggerated and grotesquely realistic facial expressions alone are worth the price of admission.

Complete with singing and dancing, some catchy tunes, and a thematic homage to Sting's "If You Love Somebody, Set them free", "The Corpse Bride" provides 76 minutes of life and death-defying plot and action.


Review: 3 stars (Out of 4)

Claire Franczyk is a senior at Nichols.

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