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Police target off-campus alcohol misuse

Ten University at Buffalo students were arrested off-campus over the weekend -- mostly charged with selling alcohol to minors -- during a crackdown by Buffalo police in University Heights.

Six students were charged with selling alcoholic beverages to minors when officers broke up several off-campus house parties where crowds ranged from 10 people to more than 200.

Buffalo police said they will conduct similar operations throughout the school year, targeting parties where there are door charges and alcohol is sold to minors.

"They drink till they drop, and they don't always realize the problems they're causing themselves and others," said Chief Mark S. Antonio, head of patrol for the Ferry-Fillmore and Northeast districts. "The warnings are over."

Northeast District Officers Carolyn Odojewski and Michael Schuta made the arrests.

Saturday, police said, Daniel Adam Schwartz, 20, and former UB student Daniel E. Wertheim, 20, held a party at their home on Merrimac Street, attended by about 75 guests, where they sold alcoholic beverages to several minors.

Wertheim and Schwartz were arrested and charged with selling an alcoholic beverage to a child and unlawfully dealing with a child.

At 4 a.m. Sunday, Shane C. Wingard, 20, of UB's on-campus South Lake Village, Amherst, was charged with disorderly conduct when police say he shouted an obscenity at Schuta as the officer pulled up at Main Street and Englewood Avenue.

Friday night, officers broke up a party with more than 200 people at a Heath Street home. As officers entered the home at about 11:30 p.m., several attendees jumped out the rear windows and ran through yards.

Four residents, Benjamin H. Golden, 21; Jonathan R. Shimon, 20; Joshua A. Goldfeder, 19; and Benjamin Stein, 21, were each charged with selling an alcoholic beverage to a child and unlawfully dealing with a child. In addition, Maya N. Slomovich, 17, of Wilkerson Hall, and Joshua A. Waight, 19, of McDonald Hall, were charged with false personation when each claimed to be 21 years old.

At about 3:55 a.m. Saturday, a fight broke out inside the Steer, 3151 Main. Casey J. Poinan, 24, of Pheasant Run Drive, Amherst, is accused of punching an employee in the head and yelling and screaming obscenities outside. Poinan was charged with assault, harassment and disorderly conduct. His roommate, Trevor W. Holly, 21, was charged with two counts of disorderly conduct for refusing officers' orders to leave the area.

Barbara J. Ricotta, UB's associate vice president for campus life, said the arrested students could face on-campus disciplinary charges, including suspension and expulsion.

"The campus takes this very seriously," said Ricotta. "We certainly expect our students to live by any community standards, and we don't expect any special treatment for them."


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