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Power Rankings / Mark Gaughan ranks all 32 NFL teams

1. New England Patriots

Not dropping the champs after one loss. (1)

2. Indianapolis Colts

Shut out in first half two straight weeks. (2)

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

So much for Big Ben's sophomore slump. (3)

4. Philadelphia Eagles

Actually, it's a three-way tie for No. 2 with Indy & Pitt. (4)

5. Kansas City Chiefs

Larry Johnson could start for 10 teams. (6)

6. Cincinnati Bengals

Tackle Willie Anderson is a stud. (8)

7. Carolina Panthers

Shut down Pats' run game. (9)

8. Atlanta Falcons

Letdown in Seattle last week was not a shock. (5)

9. N.Y. Jets

Not flashy but good. (12)

10. Jacksonville Jaguars

Rushed three, dropped eight to contain Colts. (7)

11. Tampa Bay

The Pirate Ship is cool. (17)

12. N.Y. Giants

Caught Saints on off night. (20)

13. Washington Redskins

Easily could be 0-2. (25)

14. Dallas Cowboys

Roy Williams having Santana Moss nightmares. (13)

15. Denver Broncos

Run defense came to life. (18)

16. San Diego Chargers

Fired up for Eli Bowl. (11)

17. Seattle Seahawks

Still not trusting Men In Gray. (22)

18. Buffalo Bills

Need a spectacular play to top Falcons. (14)

19. New Orleans Saints

Consistently inconsistent. (16)

20. St. Louis Rams

Will have hands full with Titans. (23)

21. Minnesota Vikings

What in the name of Karl Kassulke is going on? (10)

22. Oakland Raiders

What a murder start Pats, Chiefs, Eagles. (21)

23. Chicago Bears

Will slow down Palmer & Co. (27)

24. Miami Dolphins

No pushovers. (26)

25. Detroit Lions

Joey being boiled in oil on Detroit airwaves. (19)

26. Tennessee Titans

Keith Bullock leads charge. (31)

27. Baltimore Ravens

Once upon a time Billick was guru of offense. (15)

28. Houston Texans

Joe Pendry to the rescue? (24)

29. Cleveland Browns

Glad to see Trent Dilfer succeed. (32)

30. Green Bay Packers

No wonder Bills looked so good in scrimmage. (28)

31. San Francisco 49ers

Hunan Village has best Chinese food in U.S. (30)

32. Arizona Cardinals

When does Suns' season start? (29)

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