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Danny and Michelle kiss after he tries to talk her out of leaving

All My Children: Julia held Di at gunpoint after she refused to name the man who is after Julia, but scouldn't shoot her. Later, Di met with the mystery man as Julia was taken into custody. After Garret walked in on Danielle in the shower, she told Mimi, but was devastated when Mimi believed Garret's allegation that Danielle came on to him. Josh punched Garret at his and Mimi's wedding, while Danielle vowed to expose Garret's true nature. Adam and Krystal ended up making love following a night of drinking and then got married. Kendall underwent the fertility procedure. Jonathan survived surgery but faced an uncertain future. Against Jamie's advice, Babe continued to manipulate J.R.'s feelings for her. Coming: Garret's trap for Julia yields results.

As The World Turns: Paul was tempted to tell Jennifer that her baby might be alive but learned that Jennifer had been hospitalized for combining crystal meth with antidepressants, and suspected that she was hallucinating. When Jennifer snuck out of the hospital and briefly abducted Rory, Paul agreed to commit her to a psychiatric facility. Jack was outraged when Carly finally admitted that Iris had been blackmailing her and may be teaming up with Gwen to get the baby and the trust fund. Katie relented and allowed Maddie to stay in Oakdale, but convinced Margo to take her in, where Maddie and Casey immediately clashed. Coming: Dusty becomes involved in the baby controversy.

Bold and Beautiful: Ridge and Thomas agreed to settle their differences with a fashion competition. If Thomas wins, the family accepts Gaby; if Ridge wins, Thomas annuls the marriage. Taylor was appalled by Ridge's idea. Nick rushed Bridget into a quickie wedding, but his feelings for Brooke stayed with him even as he said his "I do's." Pressed by Brooke, Nick told her that he does love Bridget. Later, Ridge surprised Brooke by revealing that he needs her. Taylor turned down Hector's offer of comfort by rejecting him romantically, but later, Hector took Taylor's hand and asked her to follow him. Coming: Thomas' future is on the line.

Days Of Our Lives: Sami nervously prepared for her wedding to Lucas, which was interrupted by an intruder. After Nicole revealed to Kate that Sami was Stan, Sami's dream wedding was called off -- permanently. Despite John's security measures, Alex snuck into Marlena's bedroom through the window. When Lexie caught Alex hypnotizing Marlena, he retaliated by threatening to blackmail Lexie, since he knows about her affair with Ted. Jack refused Lexie's appeal to talk about his health issues with Jennifer. Belle couldn't help but notice Shawn's attraction to Mimi, who was beautifully dressed for the wedding.Chelsea's style of dress irked Bo and Hope. Coming: Will Sami pull out the stops to avenge her loss?

General Hospital: When Carly turned self-destructive over Sonny's refusal to marry her, she began to be treated by Dr. Lainey Winters. However, Durant lured Carly away, yielding tragic results after she raced into the street. Jason made the commitment to stay in Port Charles and got a job on the docks, unaware he's working for Alcazar. Durant tried to blackmail Reese into sleeping with him but she gained the upper hand, cuffing him to the bed and taking compromising photos, thereby forcing Durant to clear Ric's name. Over mounting evidence, Dillon insisted he's not the stalker, while Maxie came up with a plan to uncover the truth. After Elizabeth and Jax finally came to an agreement, Lucky found her in distress. Coming: Ric faces mortal danger as Reese tries to help.

Guiding Light: Still hung up on events surrounding Michelle's accident, Marina turned down Danny's request that she move in with him, wanting to take things slow. Marina probed Michelle until she admitted that she came back because she wants Danny. When Danny tried to talk Michelle out of returning to Africa, they ended up in a passionate kiss. Beth congratulated Harley on becoming CEO, but secretly hoped that she'll fail. Frank agreed to give Gus his job back, as long as he becomes partners with Mallet. Sandy fielded Tammy's questions and decided to ask her to marry him. Coming: Olivia starts throwing her weight around.

One Life To Live: When the rowboat he shared with Margaret overturned and she didn't resurface, Todd believed he was rid of her forever. Confronted by Evangeline, Cristian revealed his identity and admitted that John knows the truth. Evangeline later lashed out at John and felt sure she could successfully defend Cristian. After Dorian blackmailed Adriana into not telling Duke about Spencer's file, Adriana took out her anger on Rex. Coming: Todd hides a big secret.

Passions: The police caught up with Eve as she and Julian tried to leave the country, and slammed her back in jail. When Julian accused Rebecca of being the poisoner, she privately considered what his indebtedness to her could mean and thought about giving him the proof of Eve's innocence. Valerie sabotaged Fox's first job assignment for Kay by deleting an important e-mail. Chris asked Sheridan to be his son's godmother. Coming: Eve learns her fate as the verdict is announced.

Young and Restless: A disguised Sheila saved Gloria from choking but disappeared before anyone could thank her. Working on the novel with Scott, Sheila relayed her own version of the story and confessed it's based on real life, winning Scott's hatred of the woman who did those things to her. When Scott bought a gift for "Brenda," Lauren offered to deliver it, and knocked on Sheila's door. Taking Victor's advice, Victoria offered to trade Brad's shares of Jabot for Newman stock and Brad, relishing Jack's fury when he finds out that a Newman owns Jabot stock, accepted the deal. J.T. persisted in wooing Mac, who was uncertain about picking up their relationship but was still drawn to him. Yolanda refused to go into rehab. Coming: Is Lauren about to face her worst enemy?

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