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Extra value in furniture for children

Children's furniture that looks just like larger adult pieces is getting attention at furniture manufacturers' conventions this year.

Small hide-a-bed sofas and recliner chairs are now available, but the idea is not new. Small chairs that matched full-size carved Chippendale chairs were made for the wealthy in the 18th century.

Wooden Shaker chairs from the 19th century were made in 0 size for children. Charles Eames and other 1950s designers made child-size versions of chairs with plywood seats and metal legs or of bent plastic.

Don't confuse children's furniture with doll furniture -- a doll's chair would be about 12 inches high, and a child's chair about 26 inches high. Look for all sorts of children's furniture made long ago. It usually sells for more than full-size pieces.

> Porcelain bowl

Q: Please help me identify and price my aunt's antique porcelain bowl. The circular green mark on the bottom encloses a crown with a leafy branch on each side above the words "Altenburg, Saxony," and below the word "Iris."

A: Your aunt's bowl was manufactured by the Roschutz Porcelain Manufactory Unger & Schilde of Roschutz, Thuringia, Germany. Iris is the pattern, named for the Greek goddess of the rainbow. Your aunt's bowl, if in excellent condition, might sell for about $75 to $100.

> Breitling watch

Q: Can you tell me what my Breitling wristwatch is worth? Besides telling time, it has a slide rule around the outside edge and two stopwatches. The band is leather, and I have the original box.

A: Breitling is well-known for its specialized watches designed for pilots, divers or sports enthusiasts. Look at the back of your watch to find its reference number. That will be a clue to when it was made. Breitling Chronomats can sell for $1,000 or more. But the value of yours depends on its age and condition, and whether it's stainless steel, gold-filled or solid gold.

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