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> On the strip

Summer -- who needs it? Not the 700 people who went last week to the Miller Mansion, where owners Richard and Danielle Snowden held a big party to celebrate autumn. Guests listened to a string quartet play Mozart, admired the beautiful antique fountain the Snowdens just installed, and drifted to the second floor to study the collection of framed checks signed by United States presidents. (Millard Fillmore's is drawn from the Buffalo Savings Bank. Sigh, for lost financial institutions.) Every time Buzz sees Snowden, who owns Rick's Tally-Ho in Depew, we can't get over how dapper he is. Surely he has done much to improve the stereotype of strip club owners. Still, you can't help joking about it -- affectionately, of course. Looking up at a beautiful painting of a nude, one attendee smiled, "How democratic that Rick has pictures of his employees."

> The curtain of charity

And the last shall be first! How sweet that Curtain Up! is not only posh, but egalitarian. When rain threatened, Shea's CEO Anthony Conte was out with his staff distributing Lion King ponchos and umbrellas to everyone in the immediate vicinity. He was in a tux, but was not in the least bit discriminatory as he handed ponchos with a smile to a couple in jean jackets perched under the Shea's marquee. Guess the theater does indeed offer something for everyone.

> Cutting edge

How stylish is John Simon, Elmwood strip hairstylist? Stylish enough so that his clients include jazz singers and Goo Goo Dolls. Stylish enough so that frequently, clients have to sit and wait while Simon, working slowly and meticulously as great artists do, gets someone else's style just so. Stylish enough so that, when two customers were waiting and waiting last week, Simon finally sent them next door to Merlin's. "Go have a drink on me," he said. "Here's $5." And the $5 covered it! We love this town.

> Take two capsules

We congratulate nurses from Meyer Memorial School of Nursing unearthing a time capsule buried years ago. But ... it was buried just 25 years ago! Plus, when the nurses buried it back in the '80s, they cheated a little by putting in items that dated from decades before -- a porcelain cup, an old-fashioned uniform. It would be as if, creating a time capsule for 2005, we went and buried the Old Masters from the Albright-Knox. (Oh, wait, someone might have already done that. We don't see those paintings around anymore.) The point is, it's just too soon to be nostalgic about the '80s. Take that '80s-era time capsule in Niagara Square -- you find yourself backing away from it as though it's radioactive, because who wants to see "Phantom" tickets and big car phones? We all have underground time capsules to be opened, or not, after 25 years. They're called basements.

> The buzz

Newsroom call o'the week: "My husband has a five-foot squash in the garden. We were wondering if they can put it in the paper." No, but Buzz can put it in a pie. Heft it onto our desk. .... Got a helmet and a bike? Get in on the Moonlight Meander, the nighttime bike ride for charity sponsored by Hostel Buffalo. The ride, which starts 8 p.m. Saturday at the hostel, is your one chance to pedal around town at night with a big, companiable group and, best of all, a police escort to keep all those rude motorists at bay. Advance registration is $10. Call 856-3764.


"We own the 13th amendment. Somebody has to."

-- Chris Kelly, manager of Buffalo's Karpeles Manuscript Museum, to Buffalo News reporter Mark Sommer

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