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A familiar face once told us to 'Love that Super Duper'

People still come up to her and remark, "You look so familiar" or, "Say, aren't you that girl who used to do the commercials?"

Yup, it's her, Joey of "Love that Super Duper" fame.

It's no surprise that Joey Newell has a familiar face. From 1972 to 1980 and from 1989 to 1991, she was the spokeswoman for the supermarket chain, and her 30-second commercials were aired 40 or more times a week on television. In additional, she did radio commercials and appeared in newspaper ads.

Most Super Duper stores were converted to Jubilee markets in 1992, and the rest have faded from the scene.

It's nice to be remembered, she said. And while the commercials were airing, she must have struck a chord with a lot of people because they would approach her while she was making personal appearances in the stores and would want to talk.

Usually they were sharing unpleasant things about illness or divorce, but Newell said it was flattering to have people treat her like a friend and feel they could trust her.

"One woman told me her dog loved the sound of my voice and would sit and watch the television."

She laughs about it now, but sometimes she was more popular with the husbands than the wives, and the man would seek an autograph.

"One woman made sure I could hear her saying, 'Oh no, not her again.' "

She has been called Joey since she was 3 years old, when her little sister had trouble saying Joan, which somehow became Doey and then Joey.

So that would be how many years ago? "Let them guess," she replied.

She was always involved in theater -- an autographed picture of the late actress Greer Garson sits on the piano of her East Aurora home -- and auditioned for a window commercial.

It attracted the attention of Super Duper, and she starting doing commercials produced by Art Moore, now executive producer of the "Live With Regis & Kelly" television show.

A widowed mother of two grown children, the Syracuse native previously lived in California and Alabama before returning to the area a few years ago.

And if anyone is looking for a slightly more mature version of the woman who told us about the Super Duper specials each week, Newell has a message: "I'm still available."


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