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Niagara County Births

> Newfane Inter-community

Boys were born to:

May 31

Tonya R. Wooley and Michael A. Haitsch, Lockport

June 15

Cheryl Condes and Brandon Lockwood, Lockport

June 27

Bonnie Gauthier and John Oliver, Wilson

July 6

Heather Cousins and Justin White, Lockport

M/M Christopher Cain, Barker

July 8

M/M Erick G. Stein II, Lockport

Aug. 3

Jennifer Bars and Thomas Irwin, Lockport

Aug. 4

M/M David Kalinski, Lockport

Aug. 8

Kellie Bull and Dale Jasco, Lockport

Aug. 17

Heather Rohring and Brian Krygier, Newfane

Girls were born to:

May 26

Brandy Freeman, Lockport

June 3

Marla DiPaolo and Robert Jackson, Lockport

June 26

Cassandra Cody and Christopher Poss, Newfane

June 27

M/M Terry Douglas, Lockport

July 20

M/M Steven Frerichs, Wilson

July 28

M/M David M. Soulvie II, Lockport

M/M Wade Wagner, Wilson

Aug. 2

M/M Jeffrey Klinger, Newfane

Aug. 6

Nicole Houghton and Daniel Bootes, Olcott

Aug. 16

Heidi Gooch and Mike Smith, Oakfield

> Mount St. Mary's

Boys were born to:

May 20

Rachel C. Batt and Bobby D. King, Ransomville

May 26

LaTisha M. Lowery and Richard A. Strack, Niagara Falls

May 27

M/M Anthony Montibello, Lewiston

June 5

Jasmine S. Howard and Daryl S. Gelewski, Lewiston

June 12

M/M Sean M. Robertson, Niagara Falls

June 13

M/M George S. Adamson, Lewiston

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