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It seems to us . . . Who's crossing Main Street?; Still imprisoned for the Constitution

NIGHTMARE ON MAIN STREET: Compared to the feeder-lane traffic woes in Toronto, Williamsville's stretch of Main Street is quaint. But in a region where, as the saying goes, everything is 20 minutes from everything, its rush-hour traffic stands out as, well, gridlocked. A state official, who explained to The News' Fix It column that traffic lights can't be efficiently sequenced because the village wants four-way stops at intersections for pedestrians, needs to get out more. There are people who'd rather walk on Niagara River ice floes in a March thaw than try to cross Main Street in the village at rush hour. Run your volume tests, sequence the lights, move traffic better. Street crossers went extinct in Williamsville 25 years ago.

* * *

FREE JUDITH MILLER: A newswoman languishes in a Washington-area jail in the clearest affront to free press rights in years. People who can get all lathered about treatment for terror suspects in Guantanamo can barely identify New York Times reporter Judith Miller, who a federal court held in contempt for refusing to reveal a source; a source in a story never published; a source she promised to protect.

You may not need all the background, which is tied to a grandstanding prosecutor's efforts to determine who outed a CIA officer in a politically tinged case involving top Bush adviser Karl Rove. Today is the 73rd day of her incarceration. Her principled stand protects us all.

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