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On 'Gilmore Girls,' some more surprises

When we last left the "Gilmore Girls" (8 tonight, WNYO), 20-year-old Rory (Alexis Bledel) was dropping out of Yale and her mother Lorelai (Laurie Graham) was dropping a bombshell announcement.

She was proposing to coffee shop owner Luke (Scott Patterson), though many viewers who taped the episode missed the big moment because the episode ran an extra minute long.

The WB has requested that critics don't reveal Luke's instant answer four months later. Not that the answer really matters.

On "GG," the only things that are permanent are the assurance that Luke will wear his baseball hat backward and that Lorelai's mom, Emily (Kelly Bishop), will wear a disapproving look.

Titled, "New and Improved Lorelai," the episode is loaded with the usual amount of funny lines and name dropping. Dylan Thomas, the Beatles, Ellen DeGeneres, Bjorn Borg, Frank Sinatra, Tim Burton and Einstein are all referenced and another name is dropped that may surprise even the show's most loyal fans.

You don't have to be an Einstein to realize the rift between Lorelai, her parents and Rory over the Yale decision can't last too long. If Rory can hide out in her grandparents' estate for a month without demanding to do more things "My Way," then she doesn't belong at Yale.

That said, my favorite line occurs when grandma awakens Rory and says: "There is plenty of time to sleep when you've gone up a few dress sizes."

Regrets, I have a few. The little matter of Rory's criminal activity involving a stolen yacht is absurdly handled both comically and seriously. But overall, the episode set in a small town where news travels fast and is gossiped about even faster is as delightful, funny and enjoyable as ever.

Rating: 3 1/2 stars (out of 4)


Here's a warning for those planning to tape "Supernatural" (9 tonight, WNYO), the WB's stylish, scary new series. It will run several minutes beyond an hour.

I would watch "House" on Fox (9 tonight, WUTV) anyway. In the season premiere, "Acceptance," the acerbic Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) goes to prison to diagnose a convicted murderer (LL Cool J) on Death Row who may die of a mysterious ailment before his final appeal is heard.

Meanwhile, the young, beautiful, caring Dr. Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) is bonding with a young patient who may have a medical death sentence.

Naturally, House is at odds with his boss (Lisa Edelstein) and his former love (Sela Ward), who is aboard as the hospital lawyer. And his young team of doctors is having trouble with the concept that even Death Row criminals deserve proper medical care.

"Pretend he loves puppies, pretend he's a human being," said House.

Some viewers may relate to the initial reaction of House's team, which makes the episode initially a tough sell. Eventually, the episode is redeemed and reveals a lot about these doctors. But it isn't in the league of last season's best, involving episodes.

Rating: 3 stars (Out of four)


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