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LensCrafters sees end to popping lens

Q: I have a problem with eye glasses I purchased three years ago from a LensCrafters store in Amherst. The lenses, which do not fit properly in the frame, keep popping out. I am elderly and do not drive, so it is very difficult for me to go to the store, which I have done several times.

This is my only pair of glasses to use daily. I can't even clean them because of the way they are. One lens sticks out of the top of the frame, and the other out of the bottom.

I asked why the lenses keep popping out, and was told that they don't know and there's nothing the store can do.

Can you please help me?

- Toby Yellen, Amherst.

A: Your unfortunate situation should be remedied with a new pair of glasses and lenses in your updated prescription hopefully by the time this column runs.

After we contacted the LensCrafters store at Maple Ridge Centre on Sweethome Road, the company's corporate office in Mason, Ohio, called us the next day to say it wants to fix your problem. "It sounds like something can be done," said Holly Ingram, LensCrafters corporate spokeswoman.

LensCrafters vowed to help you, even though your 3-year-old glasses no longer fall within the company's standard guarantee/return period of 30 days from purchase - and are beyond a one-year warranty that provides for a replacement pair at 50 percent of the original cost.

"Three years is pretty old in the life of glasses, but we want to try to take care of her and help her out," Ingram said.

Ingram said the store's general manager would contact you to set up an appointment for Sept. 6 to come to your home and check your glasses.

After visiting you and checking your glasses, store General Manager Rachelle Pinkowski said the lenses weren't fitting properly and she decided to have a new pair of glasses made for you at no charge.

"After three years, so many things can happen," Pinkowski said. "I called her doctor and got her latest prescription. I will make her a new pair of glasses, with an updated prescription."

Pinkowski planned to bring sample frames to you on Sept. 10, so that you could decide on a pair and she could take the necessary measurements.

Pinkowski said your new glasses would be made and delivered to you within 24 hours.

"I wouldn't want to assume they (the glasses) weren't cut right," Pinkowski said. "After three years, it's kind of like a pair of shoes. If we wear them every day, sometimes things change."

Consumer note

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