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Power Rankings / Mark Gaughan ranks all 32 NFL teams

1. New England Patriots

Death. Taxes. Patriots reign.

2. Philadelphia Eagles

T.O. to write autobiography titled, "Me, Myself & I: A love story."

3. Indianapolis Colts

Can Corey Simon put 'em over top?

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben had 32.8 rating in preseason. So what?

5. Carolina Panthers

Detroit XL or bust.

6. Atlanta Falcons

Peerless should have been washing Michael Vick's car.

7. Minnesota Vikings

The offense will be fine without Randy.

8. San Diego Chargers

Wade Phillips dialing up blitzes today.

9. N.Y. Jets

Curtis Martin begins 37th year in league.

10. St. Louis Rams

Feeling good about Stephen Jackson.

11. Kansas City Chiefs

Feeling better about K.C. defense.

12. Baltimore Ravens

It's all up to Boller.

13. Denver Broncos

Made a lot of crummy offseason moves.

14. Jacksonville Jaguars

I'd play Leftwich in shotgun all day.

15. Cincinnati Bengals

Not sold on Bengals defense.

16. Dallas Cowboys

Rebuilt defense gets big test.

17. Buffalo Bills

Will win if they make fewer turnovers.

18. Houston Texans

Wondering whatever happened to Hoyle Granger.

19. Arizona Cardinals

Offense was putrid in preseason.

20. Oakland Raiders

Not a bad showing in opener.

21. Seattle Seahawks

Good AFC-NFC test today in J-Ville.

22. Green Bay Packers

Favre won't get much help from "D."

23. Detroit Lions

It's all up to Joey.

24. New Orleans Saints

The Tragically Hip didn't realize how right they were.

25. N.Y. Giants

Expecting improvement this year.

26. Washington Redskins

Gregg sending the kitchen sink today.

27. Tampa Bay

Let Cadillac pound the rock.

28. Tennessee Titans

Travis Henry due for some luck.

29. Chicago Bears

Rotten luck.

30. Cleveland Browns

Rooting for Romeo. He's a good guy.

31. Miami Dolphins

Waiting for Matt Leinart.

32. San Francisco 49ers

A rough year for Bay Area sports.

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