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Letters / Our readers speak out

A check list for QB coach

Quarterback coach of J.P. Losman:

1) Teach him to throw ball out of bounds when the play called is covered.

2) Whenever he decides to scramble, teach him to slide, slide, slide when a defender is close.

3) Does he have peripheral vision?

Teach him to look a defender off on a passing play. Teach him to anticipate his receivers' moves and throw the ball just before the receiver gets to the area on spot.

P.S. -- Rian Lindell, not very reliable. Need help there.

Edward Rybak



Lindell's leg isn't enough

Please come back, Scotty! I'll take Norwood over Rian Lindell any day.

Are you kidding me, Tom Donahoe? Our kicker cost us games last year, and will do the same this year.

Prove me wrong, Mr. Lindell, and I'll be the first to apologize. Tom, admit you made a mistake signing this guy and move on. It's been proved, our coaches have no confidence with this guy past 40 yards.

I know you won't release him now, Tom, I just hope it doesn't cost us another playoff spot.

Mark Overhoff



Grab your partner and do-si-do

Hooray! Square dancing was finally mentioned on the sports page. Bob DiCesare, sports columnist, deserves a hand. Although it was only a paragraph in his column, the square dancers around Western New York would like to say, "Thanks."

Few people follow this activity because it gets very little publicity in the papers.

Square dancing hit its peak during World War II and after; when the doughboys came home to their sweethearts. It declined in the 1980s and '90s, but is slowly catching the eye of many, as it is acclaimed as an exercise and people are beginning to realize that there are many health benefits associated with this activity, other than only fun and meeting new acquaintances.

When Ronald Reagan was in the White House, he designated September as "National Square Dance Month." Many square dance clubs start their new year off with a free open house. They would like to introduce square dancing to those who are interested, of any age. No partner or experience is necessary.

I say come to a free open house and see for yourself.

Richard M. Hoesel

West Seneca


Serena's gift a drop in bucket

How generous of Serena Williams -- while wearing $40,000 diamond chandelier earrings upgraded with 3-carat studs and a 10-carat choker -- that she promised to donate $100 to hurricane relief for every ace she hits during the remainder of the season.

Big whoop considering the number of tournaments left on her schedule. Ms. Williams' total donation would be a nano-fraction of the multimillions she brings in annually on endorsements alone.

Serena, if you really want to make a difference, donate 10 percent of your annual income to the cause.

Bob Gamble


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