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It's back, by popular demand. First Sunday's "Take the Magazine on Vacation" Contest returns for another summer of globe-trotting adventure.

The idea is simple and easy: Send us evidence the magazine went on your summer vacation. We'll reward the most creative, romantic and memorable examples with prizes and publication.

The most traditional example has always been photographs proving First Sunday was front and center in our readers' holidays. But be creative. In previous years, we always pointed out there were other ways to prove we were there.

Save a life and then flash a copy of the magazine on your 15 minutes of news-network fame. Have Ashlee Simpson or Derek Jeter or Pope Benedict XVI or some other celebrity autograph Ask First Sunday when you spot them on holiday. Use your imagination. Or just send us a creative and entertaining snapshot showing you and the magazine in a vacation-like setting.

Just prove we were there.

First Sundays have turned up in Thailand, Australia, the serene Isle of Skye in Scotland and on the backs of donkeys on the China-Mongolia border. (Diane Durant of Buffalo's memorable entry featured a photo of herself holding First Sunday in front of a cave where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Two timeless documents, get it?). Some vacation settings were in loyal readers' sback yards. Exotic locales help, but personality and creativity count, too.

Any issue or section of the magazine will do. So use a back issue or favorite inside feature if it suits you.

We'd prefer a snapshot or photograph, but a digital file is acceptable, although beware of computer system incompatibility. And all photographs become property of First Sunday.

The prizes have always been worth it. The responses have always been picturesque, to say the least. And First Sunday has proven to be a faithful and valuable companion.

We'll publish the winning entries and as many others as space allows in a later magazine. You'll have several months, so put First Sunday on your list of vacation essentials now.

Send your entries to:


c/o The Buffalo News

P.O. Box 100

One News Plaza

Buffalo, N.Y. 14240

Or use our e-mail:

We'll accept entries until Labor Day.

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