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The sudden death of a loved companion animal is always alarming. Certainly, any fatality related to aggression and violence should be carefully reviewed and evaluated. The danger in jumping to conclusions, as in "Pet death raises breed issues," is that the topic was reported with very little insight or knowledge into the complex issue of canine aggression.

Regrettably, a dog and a family suffered due to an unfortunate and likely avoidable episode. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that the noble effort of animal fostering, sheltering and adoption will now suffer, too. Our city is in financial crisis, and our shelter faces the threat of closure on a regular basis. The tidal wave of unwanted and relinquished animals affects our local SPCA, which puts forth an admirable effort educating the public, reaching out to individuals who can no longer keep their pets.

The number of unwanted dogs is overwhelming and resources are insufficient. The number euthanized yearly is astounding. Shelters and humane societies cannot keep up with the demand to care for each relinquished dog. Without the care and generosity of foster and rescue programs, many more animals would needlessly die every day.

Alexandra Murphy

Secretary, Buffalo Companion

Animal Network

Volunteer, Erie County SPCA