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Boxing and football are brutal sports. No amount of legislation will prevent opponents in the boxing ring from receiving punches to the head and body. In a sport in which the focus or intent is to punch, score, hurt, maim, outbox or knock out your opponent, it's preposterous to think serious injuries won't occur.

After watching the airing of "Ring of Fire," I thought what great timing as the film is shown the day following the decision by the Nevada State Athletic Commission's medical advisory board. The board recommended not lifting Joe Mesi's suspension.

Fighters such as Sugar Ray Robinson, Ezzard Charles and "Boom Boom" Mancini have killed an opponent in the ring. The doctors are fallible, therefore they cannot be God. However, their medical opinions or experience have been well documented by deaths of boxers resulting from subdural hematomas.

A step in the right direction to protect the boxer from more severe injuries would be to allow the medical advisory board's decision to be final.

Johnny Brown