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After reading the article, "Pet's death raises breed issues," I had to respond. First, I would like to extend my sympathy to Pamela Porillo for the loss of her dog, Maggie. It had to be devastating to come home and find her beloved pet had been killed. But Porillo stated, "I just wanted my little Maggie to have a playmate."

I am a volunteer for a rescue group, and our foster homes do not bring dogs into their homes to be playmates for their dogs. All of our foster homes have trained volunteers who know that a foster dog will require special care. Never, ever would they leave their home without crating the new dog alone -- for his safety as well as their own pets' safety. And they would never put their own dog in a confined area with a foster dog. That is asking for trouble. Foster dogs have had to deal with much turmoil in their lives, being bounced from their home to a shelter to a foster home. They need quiet time alone to adjust.

We rescue groups work hard along with local shelters to take time to find loving homes for our animals.

Gail Pisa