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A recent letter writer wrote, "If the product of a cultural institution, be it art, music or drama, were truly in demand, then it would be marketable and the institution would be self-sustaining." That may be fair. But what is fair for cultural institutions should be fair for every subsidized activity.

Millions of dollars per year are spent supporting professional sports teams that are not self-sustaining. Let the teams and fans bear the costs. Even sports activities at public schools cost a great deal for the benefit of the few who participate. Just the untaxed land used for these activities is a tremendous cost to taxpayers.

There is a great effort to eliminate tolls on area highways. How about placing more tolls on these and other highways and let the people who wish to use them pay for them?

Golfers are finding out that they will have to pay their full share of the costs at county golf courses. It is about time. I have never played a round of golf in my life. Why have I been paying for the maintenance of golf courses?

I live in Buffalo and pay taxes for the police here. I also pay taxes for the sheriffs to patrol Grand Island. Why? Let people on Grand Island pay for their police.

Daniel Sack