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I am disgusted and appalled to hear that Buffalo is even considering using the prime waterfront parcel at Lakefront Boulevard for anything less than upscale housing. The waterfront area is one of the jewels in the crown, and it needs to be treasured and developed as such. If there is one thing Buffalo does not lack, it is "shovel-ready" sites, far more suitable for affordable housing with a mix of commercial enterprises.

Why do I not trust "the system" to do what is in the best long-term interests of the people and the city? How about the Larkin Administration Building, demolished for a parking lot and gas station? How about the waterfront eyesore that is the Marine Drive apartments? I worked for the late Councilman Bill Hoyt, and helped defeat a proposal from IBM that would have torn down the Cabana, Mathews and Lockwood mansions on Delaware Avenue and replaced them with an office building and large parking lot. Buffalo's list of disasters and near-disasters is unfortunately not a short one.

There is no earthy reason for the city to give the nod to the proposal by Norstar and former Councilman Jim Pitts over that of Ellicott Development, unless of course it is more of the same old cronyism that has taken the Queen City from the top of the hill to the gutter. Buffalo, for the sake of future generations, do the right thing. Stand behind the Ellicott Development proposal.

Bruce I. Sanders