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Dear Eunice Farmer: I need a simple dress that is fairly dressy, and that can be combined with a sweater or jacket to look more casual. Can you help?

-- Millie K.

Dear Millie: I have selected Kwik-Sew 2945 for several reasons. First, it is shown as long or street length -- the length is up to you. Also, it features two different necklines: one with a soft, drapey addition, the other, a smooth neckline. It's a great pattern and easy to make.

Wrinkled linen

Dear Eunice Farmer: I have always loved linen for the summer. But like most women, I hate the way it wrinkles. Is there a remedy for this?

-- Libbie P.
Dear Libbie: Unfortunately, pure linen will always wrinkle, to some extent. Purists will tell you that if it doesn't wrinkle, it's synthetic.

I recommend you use the finest quality linen you can find, and prewash it if you intend to wash the garment later.

When constructing linen, I find that if you use a separate lining, it wrinkles much less. Use as little interfacing as possible.

To avoid fraying on the cut edges, you may bind the seams with China silk cut on the bias, or simply serge the cut edges. If you love linen, as I do, forget the wrinkles and enjoy.

(Incidentally, European men have worn linen trousers for many, many years. They love them and overlook the wrinkles; they love the quality.)

Hint of the week

Sandra Gideon of Spring Hill, Fla., writes: "Carrying a hand-sewing project when flying became impossible after 9/1 1, when we couldn't carry scissors. Now I carry a dental floss package. The metal strip is perfect for clipping threads."

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