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It's no problem finding new clubs to go in the golf bag. But what does one do with the old clubs beside banish them to the basement or employ them as tomato stakes?

The PGA of America is operating a program through its affiliated members that allows golfers to trade in their used clubs for cash that can be pocketed, credited toward the purchase of new clubs or, when applicable, applied toward services, such as lessons.

Details of the program are available via a user-friendly link at Clicking on the icon at the top of the main page allows golfers to denote the make and model of their used clubs and determine their trade-in value. The next step is taking them to an affiliated member to complete the transaction.

The PGA site lists a low, middle and high trade-in value for each club or set as determined by sales on eBay. The middle value is the one that applies for purposes of the trade.

The high value indicates what a golfer might expect to get in return by selling the clubs privately, such as on an Internet auction site. The PGA then auctions the clubs through eBay itself.

Tim Fries, the head professional at Transit Valley, said the PGA program has spurred new business at his pro shop, with golfers turning in their discards to help offset a new purchase.

Five local PGA professionals affiliated with private clubs, plus three Dick's Sporting Goods locations (in Amherst, Blasdell and Cheektowaga) have thus far registered for the program. The pros and their courses are: Fries, Transit Valley; Randy Shaw, Orchard Park; Jeff Mietus, Lancaster; Chip Clover, Brookfield; and Ric Alberico, East Aurora.