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Each year, organized labor commemorates those workers who have been killed or injured in on-the-job accidents. It is a call to arms to fight for safe workplaces and honest compensation. However, as the years go by, we are seeing our rights obliterated by a political agenda. OSHA laws now have no teeth. The Clinton administration's Ergonomics Standards Act was overturned. And seriously injured workers often lose everything they own due to a corrupt and unfair workers' compensation system.

We are at the cusp of losing every right that organized labor has worked so hard to get. Employers have forgotten that they are Americans and are shipping our jobs overseas. Our own president is helping them while handing out corporate welfare without responsible agreements. Health care is out of reach for many Americans. And Social Security will be a thing of the past given this administration's policies.

It is my hope that today, Injured Workers Memorial Day, every employee will think about these statistics: Each year more than 60,000 workers die from job injuries and illnesses and another 6 million are injured. All they did wrong was go to work.

Mary Jeffords

Injured Workers of New York