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In today's music scene, there are so many reasons that bands look to make it big: money, fame, the perks of being known. With all those "other reasons" to get into music, it's a relief to hear Zach Case, the guitarist and singer of Rusted Bullet, say, "We play because we love doing it." After all, what's the music really all about if the band isn't totally into what they're doing? Rusted Bullet consists of guitarist Zach Case, 18, singer Andy Brown, 17, drummer Matt Ceiluszak, 18, bassist Tom Bornhold, 18, and rhythm guitarist Wes Mesanovic, 17; all attend St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute. Each member cites different artists and bands as their influences, although they describe their music as "the AC/DC and Black Sabbath attitude and solos combined with Social Distortion's power chords and lyrics."

The guys have numerous original tracks written, and they are currently working on new material. They plan on releasing a CD entitled "Bring Back the Rock" soon, which will include 10 of their songs. The title "Bring Back the Rock," says the band, describes perfectly their feelings toward their music: trying to revive the rock of the 1970s and '80s while still sounding like newer bands of today.

The band will play at the St. Joe's Battle of the Bands on Thursday; in addition, numerous shows are planned for this summer. No specific dates or places are set, but the band members say to look for them at Higher Grounds, Showplace Theatre, and perhaps even some other clubs.

Rusted Bullet doesn't feel any need to hold back when they're performing. "We don't want people to walk out of our shows feeling depressed or mellow. We want people to walk out drenched in sweat and saying that was one hell of a show," Zach says.

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