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With less than two weeks left in the national election campaign, opposition parties Monday attacked British Prime Minister Tony Blair over the Iraq War and questioned his integrity.

The Conservatives, who supported the war, accused Blair of lying to justify the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. The Liberal Democrats, who opposed it, called for an official probe of its legality and said public trust in the prime minister was fatally wounded.

The prime minister, whose name is frequently spelled "Bliar" by antiwar campaigners, shrugged off the attacks.

"They can call me what they like," said Blair, whose party is favored to win May 5. "Iraq has happened. We should look to the future."

Anger over the war simmered in the background during the first two weeks of the campaign, while the focus was on health care, education and the economy. But with Blair's Labor Party still comfortably ahead in opinion polls, the opposition is turning up the heat.